Who are we closer too Cub,Leaf or English soccer fans?

I would like to think Cub fans,but we have a better past than the Cubs !?

while we havent won the cup in 20 ++ years, we have been there several times since tho.

couple injuries(dunigan,glenn) and who knows…

i’d say we are closer to english soccer fans, rowdy, at times obnoxious and very knee jerk reactions after a loss or 2.

Problem is we choked in 2001, that was the one. 92, beaten by the best qb ever. 93 and 07, brutal injuries to our QBs killed us before we took the field. Last year, we were out classed and our game plan and special teams made sure there would be no miracle upset. Getting to the Grey cup isn't good enough anymore. We playe in a 4 team division,where usually 2 of the 4 teams are a joke.

Washington Generals !