Who are these quotes refering to?

******** has had a horrible year on the field. His snaps have been wild, and his protection has been erratic.

I honestly can't see him on the Ticats next year, unless he's a backup to someone new who they draft with one of their two first round picks in the ** draft.

Obviously you haven't watched the Ticats play in 20**. ******** poor snaps are responsible for at least ten wasted downs and probably about 5 QB sacks.

No other center in the league has had multiple poor snaps like ******. A poor snap = a wasted down. We can't have that. Sorry, *******. Enjoy the bench in 20...or the unemployment line.

Not sure what the coaches see in ******* *****. He is one of the problems on the O Line along with the other 3 human turnstyles. I realy hate to be negative but a spade is a spade and the O Line is absolutely pathetic.

I can't stand ******* when we are in the shotgun.

I dread the thought.

My greatest concern about **** is the inconsistency of his snaps in the shotgun.

If you guessed current Ticats Centre Mike Filer you'd be wrong. These are comments made on this board about Centre Marwan Hage back in 2008. My point? Hage took some time to craft his game to become one of the best centres we have ever had. I am not saying that Filer will become another Marwan Hage, just that I think it is interesting to hear people compare him to what we lost in Hage when Hage himself was not very well liked in his early years with the team.

Great post jdc! I also recall hearing a Quote from Hage in which he stated his opinion that centre is the most difficult position on the line to learn and that Danny McManus acted as a mentor and saved his (Hage's) career. Well, Mr. Filer doesn't have Danny to mentor him, but he does have Austin.

But, good luck convincing those who have decided to hate Filer (add to that list Giguere, coach Cortez, any Canadian player, etc.). You can't reason with a brick wall.