who are the top two draft prospects next year?

I'm thinking with the first two picks we could scoop them both up. Any insight, anyone?

Can't establish that till they play their fourth year in college currently in progress.

Sad to say it looks like a really weak draft class next year. Vaughn Martin from Western, a defensive tackle, looks like the best prospect to me.

Can't think of any great NCAA propects.

No Fantuz's or Clermonts in the 2009 draft that I know of.

Mike Giffin a ticat draft pick looks good in CIS play this year. Hope they bring him back, but the dumb ?s?e?s who run this club will probably let him go.

In other words Obi is holding two tickets without any idea if they will "buy" him a player to fill a need.

there will be a standout or two come the end of the cis and ncaa seasons

we'll get 2 quality canadians the only question is when will they be able to contribute to the cats and will they be able to adapt their skills from college to the pro game

only time will tell

The CFL draft always gets more exciting after the combine where they grade out the athletes.
I do not buy "this is an off year" for this draft.
The Canadian athletes are getting bigger, faster, and stronger every year.

Every year there are a few good players. It is way too early to determine that now.

There's always room for a good Canadian special teams cover man who we can quietly release and forget about in about 3 years.

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