who are the Ticats looking at to QB the team in 2008?

It appears that this year, Taafe is going with Maas as the starter, and Chang is the "student" holding the clipboard. With that in mind, I was wondering: is the plan to keep Maas around next year as starter, or is Chang going get a chance to start in 2008?

I kind of think that this year is Maas' last chance to prove himself in Hamilton, and that if the Ticats miss the playoffs with him as the starter, he won't be brought back in 2008. Especially with Chang and Richie Williams waiting in the wings.

More food for thought: my wife thinks that if Chang doesn't get a chance to play in 2007 (even if we keep losing) and if the team still brings Maas back in 2008, Chang will be very unhappy, and will want to play elsewhere. Does anyone else think the same way?

" Keep Maas around next year"??????????
How can you even wonder? Haven't you had enough? Two games ago should have been the last chance for Maas to prove himself. For me it was halfway through last season. Does Maas have to retire because of age before people will give up on the idea that he will improve?
This team better find another QB real fast because:

  • Maas will be shown the door before next season
  • Chang may not want to stick around after this season if he does not become (or is deemed to be not ready) real soon.

As bizzare as it seems Taffe gives every indication that Maas is our starter next year


        You trying to give me a heart attack?

Scary isn't it

Of course Taafe is looking at Maas as his starter for 2008 and beyond. He wouldn't be trying to get Maas going and investing all these losses in him if he wasn't hoping that Maas regains some semblance of his Edmonton form. When Taafe last coached in the CFL 2001-05, Maas was a good QB---he didn't really see him last year except on film. He remembers the old Maas. Still, based on what he's seen from Maas this year, Taafe is either an idiot, blind, stubborn or a genius. For my money, I'd go with stubborn and blind.

He needs to groom a QB for the longterm even if it means losing games now. I'd say make the investment in Chang.

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Are you some crazy psycho-analyst or something?
How can you possibly conclude this about next year at this point?

i don't believe that,either maas will lead this team big in the very near future like i am anticipating or he'll be gone next season if he doesn't continue to improve his play..right now who's to say,? taaffee is an experienced football coach and i'm sure at this moment he doesn't even know. so on that what have you based that opinion upon?

There is also the problem of finding another QB - perhaps Tracey Ham will be scouting the NFL camps to find a CFL-capable QB that we can sign.

At this point, we have onle 3 QBs on the team. Two of them are IMHO raw rookies (yes, Williams has CFL experience - mostly holding a clipboard, and Chang has football experience, but not much CFL time).

IF Chang outright wins the starting QB spot before the season's end, then I expect he will be the starting QB for next year (IF Maas does not improve). Either way, more QB prospects must be recruited and signed.

We had the Rocky Butler and Shawn King experiments, and they did not pan out. Hopefully the scouting department can find us another good QB.

i still recall a few people on this forum who wanted to drop maas and acquire mike mcmahon.

Whether you are a Maas supporter or not, one thing seems pretty clear to me. The third string quarterback for the BC Lions (Jarious Jackson)is better than our starting quarterback.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

i don't know about jackson but i do think pierce is a top 5 qb.
bc is a solid team and has excellent talent(especially receiver). most importantly they've keep basically the same core of players and have built a proper system and developed their qb's properly. something we don't do.

The Cats will be hard-pressed to bring MAAS back next year, if we go 0-18.

Unless of course he takes a drastic pay cut...

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If Taffe was looking to anything but Maas for 08 then one of the other 2 QBs would have seen playing time the past 2 games

I am beginning to think Charlie is old school in some things, just like Ron Lancaster last year. Pick a starter and stick with him.
To these fellas the word "starter" is a bit sacred and it takes something akin to the falling of the Berlin Wall to change their thinking.
It boggles my mind why, after all of this time in a Tiger Cat uniform, the coach still believes in Maas. He must know something about Maas that has escaped me.

Look no further:

[url=http://www.arenafootball.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=3500&ATCLID=96831&Q_SEASON=2006]http://www.arenafootball.com/ViewArticl ... EASON=2006[/url]






You know, sometimes you say things that make some sense, but not when you talk about Maas/Chang. And unfortunately that's most of the time.

There's absolutely no way that Taaffe's quarterback usage in games 4 and 5 of this season gives any indication on who he's looking at to QB next year. All it shows is that he thinks Maas is the best person to run this offence right now.
Chang will get his chance this year, whether it's this week, next week, or after Labour Day. And if he plays like you obviously think he will, (and like I think he will), he'll get more than a fair shot in camp next year, possibly as the favourite.

I want to see Chang be the starter next year as much as you do, because he's going to be the one leading this new batch of players over the next few years, not Maas. But the first five games of this season has no bearing on that.

if maas had been totally dreadful and showing a downward slope over the last 5 games you would have saw chang start by now. however the team as well as maas have come around and have show improvement the last 3 weeks as much as maas bashers won't admit.
we can all agree that the red zone thing must and will be fixed friday or else.
and if maas is benched charlie boy had better figure out something new with chang and fix what is wrong, because it will be all the same.
chang may create some excitement and show some spark, and i have no doubt about his skills but if this team can't rally around maas fri in a must win game how much confidence do you see in this offence in the near future?
i like chang and see his potential but now the pressure has to lie him alone too?
i don't care if we sign doug flutie if the same mistakes happen and the execution is not there and the receivers can't get open it ain't gonna matter who's playing qb.