Who are the Ti-Cats' top 3 players to date?

  1. Terry Vaughn - I love how he runs so hard after the catch. He make something out of nothing consistently!

  2. Tay Cody - He's got ball sense.

  3. Corey Holmes - Even after missing a couple of gmaes, you can see how special this guy is.



Boreham :lol: :lol:



Boreham :lol: :lol:

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holmes, brooks, vaughn

Vaughan, Holmes, Kornegay

An Argo fan

I agree with your top 3.

All 3 have been great additions to the team.

Goss, Vaughn, Brooks

Honourable mention goes to Renard Cox.

Kornegay? what games are you watching...every game he gets beat deep, last night it was for a touchdown, and there were many more coverage plays he blew...he stinks...

My choices are (1 for offense, defense, special teams)
Offense: Corey Holmes
Defense: Tay Cody
Special Teams: Rob Hitchcock

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top 3
1.Terry Vaughn
2.Jason Goss
3.Rob Hitchcock

Bottum 3
1.Josh Rank
2.Jamie Boreham
3.Tim Cheatwood

That is hard to give only 3. Holmes and Vaughn for sure. Maas was fun to watch last night. Many of the defence have stepped up too. I don’t care who is the best player as long as the team plays as a team and progresses each week.


  1. Vaughn - He’s played exceptionally well, the few players who has played 60 minutes of ball every game. You’ll never see him give up on a play, and he knows how to shed tackles, and bring defenders with him.

  2. Holmes - Backing up Ranek probably doesn’t sit well with him, but he’s playing with a vengence. Holmes is all over the field, making play after play after play. Possibly our biggest threat, Holmes could go for 6 whenever he touches the ball

  3. Smith - The injury to Wayne Smith will hurt us next week in Montreal (if he’s still injured by then). He’s the back-bone to our offensive line, few, if anybody gets through him. Though not many pay attention to the offensive line (player wise), Smith is arguablly the best guard in the CFL.


  1. Goss - This man seems to be unstoppable at halfback. If his skill isn’t enough for you, his heart is. Another one of the few who goes 110% play after play. Our best player defensivly, IMO.

  2. Brooks - Whether he’s picking up fumbles, smacking runningbacks into the ground, covering downfield, or making interceptions, he’s an all-star. This guy refuses to give up, at MLB he’s wound up sprinting downfield to tackle a wideout that has torched.

  3. Bradley - Came in after Martin was cut, and made a big impact. Though not getting the INTs he used to, he’s becoming a reliable shutdown corner.

Special Teams

  1. Holmes - Gives us great field position everytime he touchs the ball on a return. Knows how to make guys miss.

  2. Myers - Came in, played on game, made a major clutch kick. Seems like he’s our saviour in the kicking game. Though I am going to hold my full opinion on him, until after the next couple of weeks (beginners luck)

  3. Boreham - Alright, we all know Boreham hasn’t and didn’t play great. However kudos to him for putting up with the Hamilton faithful. His determination and effort are unrivaled, he gives it 150% everytime he’s on the field. It’ll be tough to see him go when the time comes.


I was hoping to see maas's name listed he has more heart than most.