Who are the starting RB this year?

What happened to RB Martell Mallett?

Who starts @ QB in game 1 on July 1st? Thank God they got rid of BUCK! he was nothing more than a competent backup. He was too immobile. I have always been a fan of J. Jackson!

Ok, I see that Martell Mallett left for the Eagles. So , where does that leave the Lions? Rooks for RB??!!

Jamal Robertson is our new RB, he was with Toronto last year.


Any thoughts about the other Jamall, as in Jamall Lee?

Jamal or Jamall must be a great name for a running back as evidenced also by Jamal Lewis and Jamal Anderson as two of ten solid NFL big-backs of all time with the former I think Hall of Fame material.

I guess if you are having a newborn son and want to boost your odds for him not only to play ball but be a ball carrier, name him Jamal?

Sort of like all those quarterbacks named Trent or Brad?


(related post for sake of the name Jamal as running back, and add Fred Taylor to number 4 ahead of Jamal Lewis and Ricky Williams to number 6 ahead of Larry Csonka for sake of the big backs)

A rather silly question, Edmonton Lion, in the age of the internet. The BC Lions' depth chart for last week's pre-season game is right there on the front page of the BC Lions website. :thdn:

To answer your question, Jamel Robertson and A.J. Harris are the # 1 and 2 RB on the depth chart, with a guy named Davis in the 33 spot. Jamall Lee is the # 1fullback and Jerome Messam is the # 2 fullback, now that Lyle Greene has been released.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: