Who are the real Riders?

I usually don't watch many CFL games other than Rider games, but caught much of the Eskimos/Bombers game and most of the Calgary/Toronto games this weekend. I only caught the second half of the Riders/Lions game today, but their recent performances give me cause for concern. I know many of you are probably more informed Riders' fans than I am, so want to throw this out there to see what you think.
With the exceptions of Winnipeg and maybe Montreal, all of the other teams seem to be getting stronger. And the Riders seem to be getting weaker. Injuries - i.e. Sheets - are a factor, but all teams have to deal with these.

  • Durant looks shaky lately. He's taken a beating and maybe that's rattled him, but his judgment and execution are off.
  • Play calling: I'm really starting to wonder about Cortez's play selection and making adjustments during the game. Too many times I can see the play coming before it happens, and if I can do that, so can the opposing D.
  • O-line consistency: sometimes good, sometimes really bad.
  • Running game: Why not play Jock Saunders today? he is explosive, sure, fumbled a couple times in the Calgary game, but Garret was no improvement today.
  • Fundamentals: Riders remind me of the Blue Jays at times - sloppy tackling, dumb penalties lately, missed blocks, etc.
    Overall: earlier in the season, the Riders seemed full of energy and drive, and even when trailing, always gave the sense of never being out of it. Lately, they've looked a bit tired and flat.
  • most of the time, Special Teams have been good. Milo, apart from today, has been money, and Schmidt has punted very well.
    Jackson has been solid on returns.
  • Receiving corps is strong. I just feel better offensive schemes are needed, and better reads from Durant.
  • Sheets, if he's healthy soon, provides a great running game.
  • D line has usually been strong. Secondary has been good, but susceptible to deep threats at times.

The D gives up long balls...that is going to happen with every club.
the issue is not the D. It is this pathetic thing they call an offense. teams do not cover over the middle. Why would they? It all starts there.

This team might...MIGHT finish with 11 wins... after starting 6-0 they have shown they are unwilling to change. I would honestly put Dyce in as OC or call Lapo or just kick Cortez in the balls until he agrees to start altering some of the calling.

Got to agree with depop. Our offense is an embarrassment Fulton looked like he was wearing concrete loafers. I would almost say Cortez has pulled a play book from the beginning of time.

Chamblin needs to stop being Mr nice guy.

We start 5-0 and are now 3-4 since the bye... I am very concerned.. We now go into Montreal who is very fired up as they are fighting for their playoff lives. We have a pesky Edmonton squad twice more another game IN Calgary and 2 more games against BC. (Boy If their was ever a time to get screwed by the schedule) if we continue our play as is best case scenario we split BC and Edmonton and steal one in Montreal that gives us 11-7. Unfortunately a split means we give BC the tiebreaker so 11-7 is good enough for 3rd in the West. I feel Calgary despite there loss is still taking the division. This is not the same team we had in July and I feel that was our peak.

Richie Hall :thdn: needs his pathetic arse kicked too!; lay back and make the Lions QB go get the yardage for an attempt to win with a FG. Mind you the look on McCallum’s face when the Lions coach took the chance on a third down gamble that did work was priceless. Good on Paul :thup: to shake his head at the Lion’s bench boss refusal to kick the long FG.

They got beat, but this D played a solid game. 22 points is not enough in the CFL

Ant that would have been a 57 yard FG. The shallow kick with 38 seconds left was stupid. The ST is solid. Believe in them Pin them inside the 30, not 20 yards from a FG with one of the best ever.

Hall’s D is the only thing keeping these games respectable…and this is a stacked O.

problem is it is the exact…exact same. Everyone else has gotten better and adjusted, the O has not.

Next week on the road to Montreal after that on to B.C. Place. Other teams seem to have a package for their #2 QB, Riders seriously need to atleast give it a try. That said; In Montreal is not a must win, but a much needed win IMO.

The Real Riders? Right now, we are not sure! But here is my 2 cents....

Defensively, we are good. Susceptible to the long ball once in a while... You see some broken coverages now and then and as much as I like T-Brack, would rather him be Line backer and Butler Safety. But defensefively, we are good. With a few injured players back on the D side of the ball... We'll be better. But no Concerns here other than discipline. We always seem to take some dumb penalty, and it always seems to cost us! But discipline can be fixed...

Special Teams wise we are good as well. With the exception of the Kick off return TD in Winnipeg, our kicking coverage has done well... Punting wise we are very good. But I have a little concern about Milo after today... But this guy hit 27 in row... So you know he is capable. He just needs to get back on track

Offensively, I am worried. We can all acknowledge that DD has a tendency to zone in on a target, and not necessarily look for that third, maybe fourth read.. My wife who does not watch much football looked at me today and said, "If DD looks to a spot in the field, he is throwing it there period! He sure doesn't look around much does he?" Now a lot of guys are criticizing coach Cortez for calling bad plays, but we consistently have guys open on the field. So it can't be play calling... In the first 5 games of the season what happened? Our OLine dominated and was playing well... They gave DD the time to zone in on his first or second read, and he could deliver the pass once the play developed enough for the receiver to get open. In the last 6, the OLine has been a little less stellar, and now DD does not have enough time. Also, in the first 5 games we had a run game. This helped keep defenses a little honest. It also allowed our OLine to get upfield and hit people. Now that our run game has been in the tank, we seemed to have abandoned it. Hence OLine is constantly in pass protection mode, hence opposition defenses are not as honest, hence DD has less time. So Offensively, we need a few things to happen. First, we need to establish a run game again. Especially with cold weather coming. Second, the OLine needs to give DD some more time. Third, DD needs to improve by not zoning in.. Look to both sides of the field please! But in order for that to happen, he needs more time! And he can get more time if they establish the run game again.... Wow! What a vicious circle...

So back to the question of who are the real Riders? IMO, we still have the Real deal here. But Right now, they are not executing at high efficiency. The major reason for this is a lack of Focus and mental toughness. Another reason for this is injuries... but injuries are no excuse! Other teams are winning games with Next Ups in their roster. if you need proof, look at last 2 games in Regina. And now with 3 losses in a row, hopefully they do not lose confidence.

So now the answer to the question? The Real Riders are the team who executes! All they have to do is get refocused to do it.

I hate to say it, but did the lack of focus and poor mental toughness start the morning after a bar fight happened and 3 players suddenly went under investigation??? You damn straight it did!!!

So the question shouldn't be, "Who are the real Riders?". The question should be, "Do the Real Riders have enough leadership to get the team focused and mentally tough again?" (Coaches included)

After todays loss, the boys need to go home and look in the mirror! It's gut check time! IMO this has to start with Darian Durant. He is the key leader of this team that will have to lead us to the promise land. He said it himself during his interview on the coaches show... He has to be the point guard to distribute the ball! And most knowledgeable fans know that any teams success starts with the guy that touches the ball every play on offence...

And I do apologize here. My 2 cents turned into about a buck and a quarter!

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Unfortunately, the Lions didn’t even that much to beat the Riders. A Buck and 1/2 a quarter was all they needed.

Lol! Sad but true!

More like: now that the run game has been abandoned, it has gone into the tank.

My 2 cents turned into about a buck and a quarter!
You ripped off my line from my VGCC picks. :P

Why am I upset with Cortez calls? Why do I put more on him than Durant? I've said it several times...
Next to nothing over the middle....the defense doesn't respect the middle.
Cortez killed the Riders last year with that quick cross. Have not seen it run once here.
Not a single QB option played 2/3 through the season.

Having someone open is not enough. There will always be someone open at some point on a CFL field.

I can remember in 2009 when Durant made a poor pass to Weston Dressler over the middle, and Weston got hurt. It ended Weston's season, and Durant seems fairly unwilling to pass over the middle since.

The Riders are our team.

Who are the "real" Riders?

Loyal CFL fan "Turkeybend" seems to have the answer.....

Go to CFL TALK and scroll down to:

"New Turkeybend- Power Gobble rankings" Turkeybend is convinced the Roughriders are simply saving the best for last.

Just because one is disappointed in a team, it does not equate to not being a real fan. One might actually argue that those who can take the team pride and goggles off and critique their team win or lose is the greater fan, for they are not blindly following, but grasping at means of improvement.

Il n’y a pas de supporteurs meilleurs que d’autres. Tout supporteur est bon, même lorsqu’il constate les faiblesses de l’équipe qu’il encourage.

Ce qui est répréhensible, c’est l’invective, le manque de respect, le dénigrement systématique, l’agressivité et la violence.

Je ne retrouve pas ça chez les supporteurs des Roughriders.

Not sure what your point is Short By Inches nor do I see the connection between my comments [or Turkeybend’s] and the Rider fans. Turkeybend was talking about the team and asking who is the real Rider “team” the CFL is seeing. I think he was just having some fun and commenting about the 8 teams in the CFL. He was also poking a little fun at his own team all in the spirit of fun. I did not interpret his comments to be a criticism of the Rider fans. Why would you feel the need to defend the Rider fans?