who are the Bomber's biggest rivals?

Besides the obvious rivalry against the Riders, who are the bombers biggest rivals?


2 teams from the east?

If the CFL schedule makers decided to elevate the Thanksgiving weekend games to same status of Labour day games, who should the bombers play thanksgiving every year? Which opponent would fills IGF?

BC and EDM ,both bigger than Ham and MTL. It goes back to the 80's that will be rekindled now that we are back in the West next year.

if the league switched up the LDC, and had the bombers host the riders, would the banjo-bowl still work the following week in regina?

my thinking is, there are some weeks during the CFL season that attract viewers who don't watch every game - the casual viewer;
opening weekend, Labour-day weekend, thanksgiving and playoffs/grey cup.

during these weeks, the league should want to showcase it's biggest rivals in the best stadiums - IGF, BC place, Commonwealth, THF and Lansdowne come to mind.

i would like to see the LDC played at IGF until the riders complete their new stadium in 2017. but would doing so kill the banjo-bowl? seeing as how the banjo-bowl was started as a jab towards the people of saskatchewan, shouldn't they - "the banjo-picking inbreds" - be hosting the banjo-bowl? thus, when the casual CFL viewer tunes in to the big game on labour-day weekend, they see the best stadium in the country; IGF?

I think it's a winning formula at the present. Changing something up that is successful is a dangerous thing. Like splitting face cards in Black jack , never mess with a winning hand !They should move the Banjo bowl to SAT afternoon. Make it easier for fans from Regina to get back on Sunday !

you're probably right about the banjo-bowl.

I think a 18 game regular season and only 8 , soon to be 9 teams makes some match ups stale. Hopefully the addition of Ottawa and a 10 th , eventually. It would create some new rivalries and keep things fresh !


..... :lol: ...How does the line go....."I looked at our rag-tag bunch and realized the enemy was us"....Definitely have shot ourselves in the foot this year and our coach has waved the white flag early... :oops: Has to be better rivals down the road :roll:

There is definitely no love loss with the Als and if I had to pick a team in the east, since the Bombers moved divisions, it would have to be them. Some of the battles with Ed Phillion and Davis Sanchez were epic.

Gump Worsely in his New York days was asked which team gave him the most trouble. Answer: “The Rangers!”

Pogo (repeatedly): “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Yes, I’m that old.

......you have it right ploen truth....Pogo was the source ...My quote comes from a bad b movie, which reminds me a lot of the year the Bombers have had...They tried very hard to prove the quote accurate yesterday, against Mont....except the Als. stole their thunder.... :wink: Speaking of Gump the fearless and maskless little goaltender...he was one of a kind...When he took a puck in the head from a Bobby Hall slap shot, I thought he was dead....He recovered and continued to play...They don't make em like Gump anymore...and yes I'm that old as well :lol:

Also Old!!!! :lol: :lol: GO GUMP GO :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



The last maskless Goalie...the "Gumper" one of a kind :thup: :thup: