Who are our QB's?

Sorry, been VERY out of the loop in trying to prepare for my family to move up with me in Petawawa. I just started my 3 weeks leave and I’m already busier than I am at WORK! :stuck_out_tongue:


Have our QB’s been settled on yet?

Printers will start and one of the three will likely stay on the practice roster. Its debatable which will go on the p.r., nothing really has been said as to who is backup 1 or backup 2 as of yet. But they shouldnt have to release anyone.

It'll be Printers, Williams, and Porter, for at least the opener.........that's the sense of what I overheard Chang saying to someone at the BBQ today.........unless my ears were playing tricks.

good ears Madjack! thanks for that.

So we're still dealing with Printers, Chang and Williams?

Who's that guy that ran in a TD for the Cats in one of the pre-season? Any potential?

I am not sold on Williams for some reason. I don't dislike him or anything though. I'd like to see him traded or realeased to allow him to try with someone else. Trade would help us... even if it's just for a draft pick but if he can't be traded, out of respect for him, rather than have him rot on the bench again... let him go.

Well, Cp was I think 16 of 24 for 144 yds, he had a few nicely thrown balls, a few dropped balls and he slightly missed a one or two receivers for touchdown passes in almost 2 quarters. Even, after being hit after every play, emphasis on after the play in the 1st quarter, did an excellent job. Williams got spooked early, but he just needs to settle down, he should not be thrown under the bus, Chang is still a question mark, because he may have improved, he is still unproven and unproductive, quinton porter reminds me of cp when he got his start in the cfl, he took the bull by the horn and did what he could with the limited time he had against TO back ups, so although impressive, you would probably should keep this man, because i believe he will come back to haunt the ticats if picked up by another team who maybe looking for a good or an possibly nice qb to groom, he's studied like cp in the nfl and believe me has all the tools, just like cp..if i had to set it up it would be CP, RW, QP, Chang back up or released.