Who are free agents at the end of season

And he is a valuable contributer to their inside run defense.
If Ted doesn't want to be moved off the line, Ted is not moved off the line.


Simoni makes tackles near the line of scrimmage . Santos Knox makes them downfield because he can't shed blocks easily . Simoni is a torpedo . We need him . Wilson can play MLB . LB Curtis Newton is a keeper for the special teams . Kelly is another LB we need back .


When Kyle was playing for the injured Simoni I thought his play was superior.


What we don't know is was Simoni injured and playing @ less than 100%, or are his skills sliding?

That was a nasty leg injury and he will be 34 years old next season.
Simoni is a Wall of Fame talent
3 time eastern defensive player of the year

And a big part of one of the most lopsided trades in CFL history.
Simoni, Greg Wojt, Jeremiah Masoli for Nathan Kanya and the rights to Carson Rockhill

It would be great if he had one more year of brilliant play.


Speaking of free agents and ages there are some numbers to take into account and consideration with some of our pending potential FA's . Besides Simoni turning 34 next year we also have the likes of Laurent (35) , Johnson (35) , Colin Kelly (32), Rolle (33) , STE (31) , Leonard ( 32 ) , Durant (31) , Howsare (31) all being on the wrong side of the number 30 .

On top of that we also have the likes of players already signed such as Van Zeyl who will be turning 40 next year and has already said he is committed to playing next season . Another veteran signed for next season on the wrong side of thirty is Cariel Brooks (32) ,

A friend of mine met Simoni at some Fan Event down at the stadium. Simoni explained that he had a type of groin injury at the time. I believe the leg injury came after that.

He was definitely NOT 100% healthy this year.


Agree Newton is a keeper he only missed games this year cause of tearing his acl . He has made progress in his recovery and assisted craig butler while recovering.

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It appears, to me, that all clubs have submitted lists of players, who are not, pending free agents to today's (Nov. 22) league transactions list.

Comparing the TiCats' list, there, to the 3downnation list, linked in the second post of this thread, I note a couple of differences:
It would appear that both Richard Leonard and Papi White were erroneously included in the 3downnation list and, according to the transactions list, are signed for '23.


While that other southern Ontario team was holding a party down the way, the TiCats were busy, today, with '23 (& '24) business:


I'd love to see Wilson at MLB .

cfl.ca/tranactions shows, today, that in addition to Wilson's new deal, NAT LB Jared Beeksman, who finished the season on the P.R., has also signed a new contract for, at least, '23.

|2022-11-24|HAM|WILSON, Kyle|LB|A|Arkansas State|Add To|Active Roster|
|2022-11-24|HAM|BEEKSMA, Jared|LB|N|Guelph|Add To|Active Roster|


Usually the Cats announce signings in the new year . This is a pleasant surprise . Could be a signal of good things to come . :+1: