Who are free agents at the end of season

With the end of the season , comes free agents
who can move on or sign again with their current team.
I am just curious who the Cats free agents are , and who
the free agents on other teams are.

In the wonderful world of the CFL and non-guaranteed contracts any player you do not wish to keep can be cut.

Ticats signed many players to 2 year agreements this past offseason with the thought of hosting the Grey Cup no doubt.

But without further delay here is your list.

No big names. Just:
Simoni, Kelly, Santos-Knox
Howsare, Carney, Micah, Ted
STE and Hills
Dunbar and Tim White
Ciante Evans, Rolle, Leonard

I thought Simoni had signed for 2 years, along with Laurent but could be mistaken.

3Down had earlier published Sask and Redblacks free agent lists and they were something like 40 and 34 players each. At 24 listed here we’re in a little better shape but still lots of decisions to make. I think they’ll try to hang onto White and Dunbar but there could be quite a few new faces on defence.


I don't 'see why Felix Garand-Gauthier is not on that list of pending FA's He was a '21 draft pick and one I could see losing to Montreal or Ottawa, to play closer to home. Jarek Richards, who finished the season on the PR, so is already a FA, is another one.

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I hope Felix Garand-Gauthier stays with the Cats. I thought he played pretty well when he was inserted into the line-up.


As is the norm, all (11) players on the practice roster, at the time of the team's final game of the year, were released, and became free agents, on Monday.
Today, 2 of them have been registered, with the league, as having signed new contracts for, at least, 2023. Source: Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings - CFL.ca

|2022-11-08|HAM|COLLIER, Tony||N||Add To|Active Roster (Future)|
|2022-11-08|HAM|SUNDERLAND, Will|DB|A|Troy|Add To|Active Roster (Future)|

Collier is, mistakenly, listed as a National. Both players are American DBs.


No reason why he won't be . He is not on the projected pending FA list for next year . Honestly if I were a betting man I would wager the team cutting ties with 1rst rd /1st pick flop and total bust Burt even though he is also signed for next year .

Basically Garand-Gauthier who was a 5th round (37th overall) selection has by far out performed Burt who the team somehow thought merited wasting the 1rst overall selection on in the same draft class of 2021 .

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A smart football person once told me the best ability is availABILITY

Burt wasn't available too often.


Proof is in the pudding...

Burt and Garand-Gauthier both drafted in 2021 . Burt selected 1rst overall . Garand - Gauthier selected 37th overall in the 5th round .

Burt missed the entire 2021 season due to injury . Played 10 regular season games this season before being placed on the IL . Two year totals equal a total of 10 games played out of a possible total of 32 regular season games . 0 games played out of 4 playoff games combined both seasons .

Garand-Gauthier played 11 regular season games out of a possible 14 games in 2021 . He also dressed and played in all 3 playoff games that season . This season he played in 17 regular season games and also dressed for the ESF playoff game . You add it all up and G-G has played in 28 regular season games out of a possible 32 in his two seasons here . He has also dressed for all 4 play-off games including the Grey Cup last season .


I must be missing something, or misunderstanding rules governing contracts for CFL draftees. The 3downnation list claims to be "every player who is currently slated to reach free agency for the Ticats in February 2023."
Are not all rookie contracts for 2 years?
Shouldn't 2021 team draftees, who were under contract the past two seasons, and not had their contracts extended (Burt, Cross, Garand-Gauthier & Manalo), be on that list?

After a little further thought, and checking back through the league transactions list, it could be that those four players did have their contracts registered as extended the day following the '21 Grey Cup. ???

Oh I just had a diabolical thought.

Simoni may now be past his best-before date.

He's a pending FA so he may walk and the Cats get nothing in return.

So, before FA hits, why not make a trade with another team, them giving Hamilton a draft pick in exchange for the exclusive rights to negotiate a deal with Simoni.

And we make that trade with. . . Saskatchewan.

Wouldn't that please the rider fans?



Rookie contracts for draftees are all 3 years now. So the 2021 draftees are still under contract. The picks from 2020 are free agents as the league still counted the cancelled season in contract length.



Matthew Shiltz (A)Maybe if we can't get Bo Levi Mitchell)

Running back

Wes Hills (A)YES
Sean Thomas-Erlington (N)NO


Steven Dunbar Jr. (A)YES
Lemar Durant (N)NO
David Ungerer (N)No
Papi White (A)YES
Tim White (A)YES

Offensive line

Colin Kelly (A)No
Kay Okafor (N) NO

Defensive line

Malik Carney (A) YES
Julian Howsare (A) YES
Valentin Gnahoua (G)NO
Micah Johnson (A) YES
Ted Laurent (N) NO


Kameron Kelly (A) YES
Simoni Lawrence (A)NO Replacement Cameron Judge
Curtis Newton (N)NO
Jovan Santos-Knox (A)YES
Kyle Wilson (A)NO

Defensive back

Ciante Evans (A) YES
Richard Leonard (A)YES
Jumal Rolle (A)YES

I'm going to be asked why I don't Simoni back
He can't stay healthy his age is starting to catch up with him
And he's going to ask for a significant amount of money
Money we can be used to keep younger players on the roster
I also feel the same way about Ted Laurent
I'd rather have Howsare and Mika Johnson

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Ted has the elusive Canadian passport.
If he wants another year we should bring him back as a rotational guy and a reasonable price.


Depends on the cost we have a ton of Free Agents

A rotational Canadian (backup) is still valuable if it works for both sides.

Thanks for setting me straight on that, Schweinhund.
After a lot of searching the only thing I can find, online, which basically says that is this from Wikipedia, in 2020:

All National and Global players signing their first CFL contracts had to sign two-year-plus-an-option contracts while first-year American players had to sign one-year-plus-an-option contracts.

It's the "plus-an-option" that I wasn't aware of for National and Global players' mandatory 2-year contracts.

We already have Diallo, to backup or start. If Diallo starts, we can find his backup in the draft.

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Sometimes this year they would show a replay of M.Johnson breaking through for a sack, and I would notice that Laurent was being double-teamed on the play. No idea how often he attracted a double team, but that is worth something even if it doesn't produce a stat.


If the team believes a veteran on a friendly backup contract is just as valuable (maybe more) than a rookie/unknown... I'll take my chances with Teddy for one more year.

But if he is still making 100k + as a backup I tend to agree.