I own a habs jersey , but no number on it.... as for a cfl jersey, no i dont own one .... yet....

Jets jersey, nothing
Dolphins, Kucha 13
Flames pratice jersey, Kanga 26
Bombers 2004
home: Manitoba 22
away: Winnipeg 94
Montreal Black and Blue jersey, nothing (yet)

Canucks Jersery - nothing

and I will be getting a Bombers home jersey - Roberts 1

New TiCats jersey, no name or number on it. Argos jersey, same. Did have a Habs jersey at one time, no longer, wore out and too small. Also a Detroit Tigers jersey

Leafs jersey - no number
Habs Jersey - name “Point”, number “08” :stuck_out_tongue:
Planning on a Szarka 33 this season…

I have a rider jersey.On the back it has number one and GOD!!!
I also have a Argo jersey.On the back it has number one and GOD!!!
God bless you all!!!

I have a Tom Clements Jersey that I just love, so what if it doesn't fit anymore...
I also own, an old flyer jersey..#22 Rick Tochett.Purchased it, in 87...
Those were the days I tell ya, Tochett n Mellenby,reminds me of Carter n Richards..
I think my Flyers could be returning to the Stanley Cup...Go Flyers..

Kenton Keith away Jersey - bachelor party gift
Green Rider Jersey, No #… autographed by last year’s team - wedding gift from my wife. Best gift ever!!!
I also have #79, forget who the name is. I won it when I went to a game when I was 8 or something. Pretty cool experience. Got my picture taken with him and the dream team… my dad liked that last part. I was 8 and girls still were infectious =)

Go Riders!!

Ottawa Senators jersey, there 3rd jersey....No #
Baltimore Ravens jersey, Ed Reed(fav player)#20 and Ray Lewis#52
Don't have a bomber jersey yet.

Als away jersey with #33 Heppel. Why, because he played tough and was one of my favorite.

Al's Puma Replica Red Jersey '04 - #86 - Ben Cahoon - Greatest Al's receiver of ALL-TIME ! Signed by Cahoon.

Al's Game Worn Blue Jersey (worn at Grey Cup 2005) - #38 - Tim Strickland

Toronto Rock - Reebok Replica Blue Jersey '06 (Home) - #32 Jim Veltman

Saskatchewan Szarka #33 home
Montreal (blank) home

And a bunch of old hockey jerseys that fit like a tank top.

Mighty Ducks road White Jeresy{one when they came to the NHL}
Mighty Ducks 3rd third Jeresy.

and the ones i would like to have are the BC lions and the Ticats jeresys

This is the post I've waited my whole life for:

3 Ti-Cats jerseys(1 mid 90's, 1 late '90's with Morreale and the new one with Yeast #5)

3 Stamps jerseys (1 Red Garcia #7, 1 Black Garcia #7 (Best Stamps QB ever!) and 1 New Labour Day with Reynolds #21)

Every Flames jersey since they joined the league. 1 red 80-early 90's, 1 white Tabaracci #31 & 1red Shantz #11, 1 new red with Miikka, Black with Iggy and plain white-soon to be Regehr # 28.)

3 Ottawa Senators: Red, Black with SENATORS #91 for the year they entered the league.

3 Pittsburgh Penguins jersey - 1 late 80's with Lemiuex

1 Carolina Hurricanes (white with Francis #10-the greatest hockey player that ever lived!)

1 Calgary Cannons jersey. Former farm team to what major league baseball teams? Anyone know?

And 9 team Canada hockey jerseys ranging from 1920 - present day.

The one jersey I'm missing and want in my collection is Stegall. One of the best receivers this game has ever seen.

.....Yeast, was Seattle one?

Riders ---> Nealon from the week he was traded to the Riders
Miami Dolphins---->Jason Taylor
76ers----> Iverson
Orlando Magic---> Tracy Mcgrady
Raptors (White)---> Vince Carter
Raptors (Red) ---> Jerome Williams
Celtics---> Paul Pierce
Oakland Raiders Jersey----> Jerry Rice
Cavs ----> LeBron James
Nuggets----> Carmelo Anthony
HMM.. Lots more lol
Denver Broncos----> Clinton Portis

What no Allen Pitts jersey! He was the greatest his records prove that!

They weren't just one...they were the first one. 1985.

Then the Cannons were picked up by an NL team. After a few years we were dumped and picked up by an AL team from '97-'99 and went to the PCL Championships. After that season, our parent team went in a different direction. So we were a AAA Team with out parents until this team came along because it was the only one without a farm club.

No doubt. You are 100% right about Pitts. But if I got a Stamps legend on my jersey it would be "The Sponge".