Who Am I

Can you guess who:

He was the NCAA Gateway Football Conference Offensive player of the year for 2002 and 2003, only the third player in history to repeat the honor

He averaged 226.8 passing yards per game, with a league high 18 TD tosses in 2003 and QB efficiency rating of 137.7

Sounds like the kind of qb the bombers could use right about now…wait a minute, he plays for us, if you guessed Glenn, Wynn or Tee, you are wrong, its Russ Michna and his time has come.

that his background, why is this guy still on the bench, LET’S GET HIM OUT THERE!!!

Not to worry gents. The way the offense has been playing thus far, it won’t be long before he gets his time in the limelight.

I wouldn’t put Michna in the meat grinder until they do something about the O line…Roberts can’t find any running room cause there’s no blocking…you can;t set up a pass play because the defesive line of the opposition is continually in our backfield…giving Michna a shot at starter would be great…but I think we should wait a bit until they get some decent play up front…just my opinion on what I’m seeing so far. :!:

Michna passed for 3057 yard and 24 TD’s in 02 and then 3160 yards and 21 TD’s in 03. Overall he was 20-6 as a started in 2 years. From the looks of things BB need more then a qb, but if anyone can give them a spark it would be him. I went to Western Illinois University when Russ did and i saw what he can do. (Smart/leader/great touch in the pocket and on the move)

Yes rosy even something smaller then a spark, an arK maybe because this ships sinkin fast baby.

If Michna was the best in pre-season, he should be starting. None of the others, including Glenn have enough CFL equity to bump him out.

That being said, NOBODY is going to come in at QB and solve all the Bombers problems. Somebody (Taman) blew it in the off-season and as a result we are going to struggle this year.

The Bombers are in a unique position however. They have pretty much an entire season of experience to allocate to one of these young QB’s. The question is which? Who has the greatest potential?

My vote goes to Michna, then Wynn, then Martin. Glenn frankly had his shot.