Who advances this weekend, and what are the scores?

Who will be in the Super Bowl?

I say Green Bay and New England

My scores are:

Green Bay 27 NY Giants 17

New England 38 San Diego 21

I say Green Bay ends New York's run. But honestly, if both teams could advance, I wouldn't mind.

Since the weather isn't going to be kind, I'll take a lower score.

Green Bay 24-17.

The AFC is interesting. I don't particularly care for the Patriots but I despise the Chargers. Lesser of two evils, I guess...

New England 20-16.

Green Bay over NY 21-17

NE over SD ( :frowning: ) 31-24

Green Bay and New England in the Super Bore. I think the Giants Fairy tale story is over. San Diego will wish they were back on the sunny California beaches.

G Men 21 Packers 10
Bolts 31 The Machine 27

You picking the Bolts ticats111? What are you smoking? Not going to happen but I will agree the score will be closer than a lot of folks think.
I'll go out on a limb and pick the Giants by 7, could be a team of destiny. Eli is showing some good stuff and seems to have the respect of his teammates, maybe has something to do with Tiki Barber's comments earlier on which may have helped Eli in the long run in the noggin department.

I think SD could pull it out Earl. LT is the BEST back in the NFL, by far. Also, if Philip Rivers plays like he did in the 1st playoff game (if he plays...), and if Antonio Cromartie makes a couple plays, then SD has as good a chance as NE

...ah young grasshopper, you will be a wise man once age has ripened your enthusiasm...

...so far Chief has the closest prediction....

Go me! :smiley:

Who advances?
I would say the winners do! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet lord. Eli Manning is going to the Super Bowl. Never thought I'd live to see the day.

Congrats to him! How funny would it be if Mannings won back-to-back Super Bowls? :lol: