Who 2 cheer 4 in the East?

OK....who do u want 2 represent the East???
A team from Quebec a team from the West or a team from the evil GTA???


I guess I'll take the Rowing Club.

God we need Ottawa (and somebody else) in this league.

Ok Oski here is a weinie of an answer

I’d like to see the Argos lose but for Clemons WIN.

Argosnots vs BC

Gotta go with the Bombers...Als won't win without A.C.....Won't cheer for SnotBall Clemons and those pukes from Hogtown...

I'm cheering for the Als in the East and Sask in the west.

Whats wrong with a team from Quebec?

The Bombers are our last, best hope of preventing the Argos from getting to the Grey Cup. God's speed Kevin Glenn.

Too many people (mostly politicians) dont want 2 b Canadian. To hell with them.
The Als have been a solid winner since theyve come to Mtl. I have nothing against the team and glad 2 c that theyve been a success.
But I dont want anybody who wants 2 separate from the greatest country in the world 2 have any pleasure.

Every separation vote in Quebec's history has lost to staying part of Canada. Most Francophones want to be part of Canada even if they do have differences with the English.

May I also remind you that Montreal is about 25-30% English.

I know that Mtl has a large Eng. pop. I also know that it used 2 b a lot larger b4 the Fr pols started 2 run them out.
Keep in mind that the comment is also a little tongue-in-cheek.

Weinie: Your position on Quebec is clear. I'm curious to know why you also hate the West, and the GTA. Enlighten us please.

if the Ticats are not in it
I allways vote for the west
Go BC Lions
after all BC Owner is from Hamilton.

It's the boys in blue for me of course! Besides, I could never support anything in Quebec. When it comes to Quebec it's all about politics and I don't like theirs.

An Argo-Cat fan

Winnipeg or Montreal it does not matter to me as long as Toronto gets beaten.

I'm going with the ABT strategy in the east and ABS in the west.

My first choice in the east is Montreal and in the west is BC

Toronto owes its growth and economic power to all the nationalistic politicians/people that drove all the major corperations out of Quebec or particulary Montreal.

Not so much we dislike them, they just hate us! LOL, but everyone hates Toronto, so were used to it.

I don't care who from the east is in it.

I'm rooting for Saskatchewan.

Back to the original topic guys (and lets keep politics out of this!)

From the East, we have the team that can pull a half inch ball through 48 feet of 3/8" garden hose on lung power and lips alone, (and "double Blue" is just such natural colours!) versus, say the Bombers or the Al's...

Tyhe Als are a bit banged up, with the disaster that has happened to AC and his family, and their D is a bit suspect, coaching a tad shy of a great team...while always a threat, this just isn't their year (and give Montreal a break, they always voted against secession!)

Now, an esx-westerner from saskatchewan, I've always had my issues with the Bombers, but you have to admit that they have evolved to a very fine coaching staff, and some highly talented players, that should have crystalised in 2007, but the injury bug has bitten at the wrong time...

Can they get Brown and Canada back on the D in time to contest other teams?

Is Glenn "playing possum"? or are his Coaches? Against an Argo defence as tough as the Blue Men stood up against Saskatchewan last weekend, he's got some issues...

But TO has proved all year that they can be had...

The West is a very different thing...there are three contenders that can win any game, any day of the week...

Calgary is a little "suspect", but going into the sold out Mosaic Stadium, they are at a disadvantage versus the 13th man (or 30 odd thousand of them!), many of whom wish to dine on the contents of Henry Burris's head

BC seems sort of lethargic against Calgary, and it will be very interesting if its Sask vs BC with all the "hatreds" between those teams, and the "who knows" of the zebras calls...

Mind, I've been wrong many times...

Who to cheer for in the east???

How 'bout no one? Is no one good???

So you're ok with releasing the curse?

Geez Guys!

I thought this forum was about football?

I live in Montreal which is about 30% english. I am an anglophone who speaks french fluently (is that a bad thing?), but when I come to Hamilton 5-6 times a year to see my second favorite team I spend CANADIAN MONEY. For all the times I have come, there have only been a few instances where my Als jersey has caused a language based reaction, usually by a 12 YO kid who spit on me or by a redneck who was barely sober enough to stand.

Trust me...I follow the quebec political situation a lot closer than most of you...I have to in my job. There isn't one person who is going to read this forum who will live long enough to see Quebec separate.

I'm English. My GF's half French and Half Scottish. My kid and my Ex are Jewish. My Mom was Acadian, my Dad was a Swede.

Guess what???..the all love or loved CFL football...

I can't wait to see the 2008 Cats...Can't wait to walk into IWS wearing my Als Jersey. can't wait to go to the HOF or to sit down in IWS and buy my neighbor a beer after an Als touchdown. Can't wait to hide under the seat after Printers throws a long TD pass and to hear the same neighbour get on MY case...You know why?

Cause thats CFL football my friends.