Whitlock looking forward to being #1 back


An interesting article about Whitlock.

They mention Romance Taylor battling in training camp. I didn't even realize he'd be competing for a spot. I just assumed it'd be Whitlock, McCarty, and Bertrand. :lol:

Nice to see were getting some depth at this position.

That article is just slow-news offseason filler material as usual. It's not even close -- Whitlock's our man.

Also I had to do a double-take when you typed "Romance" Taylor. It's Ramonce but I have no idea how it's pronounced, maybe "Rah-mohn-say" nor any idea who he is, but he better not have any romance in his game as a serious running back on our team either.

I am sure I am not the only guy on here that would really question what any Romance is doing on a football field otherwise. :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a time and place for everything and wow that would be like wearing a purple suit to a funeral or wedding unless perhaps it's for Prince.

Well, my apologies to Mr. Taylor. :oops:

As for the article, it is mostly filler, I just thought some of Whitlock’s comments were interesting. I think it’s great that he’s welcoming the high expectations. I hope he has another great season. We haven’t had a consistent running game in years.

As for Taylor, I was surprised, because I thought he’d just be used for the return game.

what do people think about Whitlock so far?

I don't have a problem with him. He had a subpar game against Sask, but he's not going to tear it up every game. Right now he's on pace for just shy of 1,600 yards and 12 TDs.

I'd say we finally found our running back.

Very hard to get the running game going when you become as predictable as we have. 1st & 10, they RUN. 2nd & med and 2nd & short, they RUN!! Easy to defend the run when everybody knows you are running.

So far, Whitlock has done an excellent job. I am expecting him to have a huge game in the next couple of weeks.

As for Romance man Taylor, if they brought him in to push Whitlock, it must have been just another mind game that DM is so used to playing. Whitlock is a great back who will only get better as the season goes on. Problem for the Eskimos will be to see if they can re-sign him to a contract extension before the NFL opportunities open up for Whitlock. He is good enough to play in the NFL. Lucky them!!!


I'm kind of worried about the same thing. We haven't had a consistent running game for a long time, so it'd be a shame to lose Whitlock to the NFL. Or even another CFL team. Hope he re-signs.

Agreed for sure ...the first time I saw Whitlock on highlights during the 2009 season I had no idea why a back of that talent was not in the NFL, and so the curiousity drew me even closer to the CFL along with the first few times I saw Ricky Ray in action. Those performances plus my appreciation of the economic climate in Alberta are what drew me to choose Edmonton as my team. :smiley:

Now even closer to the CFL than ever, I want Whitlock to stay because it's a better overall game for him as well.

In the NFL with the seemingly record level of talent at running back nowadays, the margins are so slim and competitions so tight that teams are going away from the 3-down "bell cow" back to keeping a stable of at least three horses to share the loads.

Whilst in the CFL you have a spread between the very best backs and mediocre backs of perhaps almost 1 yard per carry on the average, in the NFL the margins are tighter such that often the difference between a starter (not the stars) and a benchwarmer, special teamer, or waived player is only say 4.2 versus 3.9 yards per carry.

Well that's all well and good, but you've been traded. Welcome to Rider Nation!!!

Did cflisthebest actually agree to retire...? :o

He'll make his decision Nov. 29. Until then, he's an Eskimo, baby.

Not so far. That doesn't work for me. I'm bailing on this trade!

Yeah really screw that I am NOT going over to Saskatchewan. :x Thanks Chief and nice try Artie.

Once an Eskimo always an Eskimo. I remember the first time I went to Commonwealth on Oct.4th 2008 vs Winnipeg; It was an awesome expierience in Eskimo Nation. :smiley: From that day I became a season ticket holder. Kind of strange that I'm in B.C. at the moment and don't get to hardly any games, but oh well at least my seat is waiting for me when I do.

Don't thank Chief.....he's the one that traded you!