White Uniforms and Helmets

I think they look sharp.

I agree. They looked good.

Me three, a hit.

I guess the Rider fans will again account for 70% of all CFL merchandise sales this year....more if we win the Grey Cup.

Corrected it for you!

I bought my "new" jersey already preseason. I like the look and material they have used in it. I'm guessing merchandise sales will be up this year over last year! Go Green, Go Riders!

The problem I have is the bone-headed coaches and decisions made by the home teams.

There were the tic-cats in all black, and it was plus 30 plus humidity. We're wearing white and that had to help alot.

Here in the prairies, our boneheaded decision is for us to wear green? In July/Aug they should wear white. Switch to green when colder weather rolls in? The eska this weekend will be in white and forecast is set for plus 28?

Who makes these decisions?

Home teams wear darker colors....

As much as it bucks all normal tradition... I like the way Grubber is thinkin lol

I like the white on white, better than the black and red ones from last year.

Will drive more merchandise sales as well.

Go Riders GO

Don't like them. If there's a team on this continent so closely identified with it's color it's the Riders. They've had green hats since helmets were introduced to the game. I'm not big on tradition just for the sake of tradition, but when I turn on the tube to see my team I want those green lids. It's like taking the blue stripe off the chest of the red Habs jersey.

I never like using the term "hate", but I hate, hate, hate these white helmets. The Roughriders are the Green and White, not the White and Green! Lose the white helmets.....

The club has played with non green jerseys over 1/3 of their seasons....gold and purple (1), blue and white (1), red and black (36), the Club was renamed the "Roughriders" in 1924 while wearing Red and black, officially going Green in 48 (64) because they found them on sale and needed to replace the wearing out black and reds. There have been some additions of black and grey and silvers in the 80s up, but sticking green as the predominant color.

Now, you could make the argument that the 'clubs' history doesn't count, only the roughrider history...that would drop the Riders from 102 years old to 88. But with that logic then one must say it only counts from the Saskatchewan Roughrider period...making them 64...playing 24 of 64 years (35%) w/o green...roughly the same number as was derived starting in 1910.

technically white have been a key component of 2 different Club's jersies so one could argue is has been around longer than the green.

but seriously, I do agree it is a tradition best left alone, though think of the semi trailer they would need to get to haul away all the money from the merchandise sales if they did change the color permanently and people had to purge their collections! I loved the white look, thought it was sharp, but do agree...'green is the color.' Also, the White helmets are supposedly being worn only for special events like opening day...kinda like a 3rd jersey. BUT, ponder this...it is 32 degrees out and sunny...are you hoping there is a special enough day that the white lids are worn?

Yea, I'll just add, it's not an ugly helmet, it definitely looks better than the black Calgary helmet, but it's nothing any more special than the green.

But it's just wrong. For this team especially it is wrong.

If the Jacksonville Jaguars had a special white or teal helmet would anyone care? But this team has had green helmets since helmets were introduced to football. Sask = green. And again, I'm not all about tradition just for the sake of tradition, but the Riders white lid just does not feel right.

Good post. I agree.

I agree that the lids look good but it's best that they only be used occasionally also as you may have notices the cuts on the jerseys are different with some havin black piping and some with the proper . Reebok sent 2 different cuts of jerseys they are correcting it in the next few weeks. But so far the new designed jerseys look sharp

I'd rather be cautiously optimistic than writing cheques with my mouth that my butt can't cash!