White pants AGAIN?

Why oh why? I thought we'd seen the last of them near the end of last season, but they have made shockingly come back. I much prefer the black pants. Gold pants are cool too, but I think they would not work with our current uniform design, with the stripes, unless you wore it with the third jersey, but that might be overkill.
So, what would YOU prefer the team to wear with the white jerseys?

Finally, a thread about the real problem facing the Ticat organization right now.

I have an on-going joke with DJ Flick and Christopher Dean about this......I am relentless in my desire to have the "Steelers" style gold pants back.....Christopher just gives me that "Christopher Half/Smile" that is now famous :lol: .......and DJ calls me old-fashioned and not "hip"....ughhhhhhh :cry:

I'm losing the war huge! :wink:

Having said that, I just cast my vote again.........GOLD!


Did you ask anyone about our new kicker?

Huh?....was that question to me?...or the author of this thread.......it just seems to be a question which doesn't make sense in this thread so far.....

No, it was for you, mikey. Surely a serious football question must crop up from time to time when you are down there.
Since they signed a new kicker today and cut a veteran yesteday seems pretty relevent as opposed to the colour of pants.

Gold pants are the best looking the team could have, but unless we went back to our pre-2005 outfits, I'm not sure how it would work. After all, we have that gold stripe down the seams of the jerseys, but it would just die with gold pants.

Unless people wanted the vintage jerseys back...but that's a different debate. :wink:

Sorry Zontar...I have relatives visiting from Nova Scotia so I haven't been able to attend any public practices in a while.......and even then , I never ask questions when I'm there.....(mainly because I probably wouldn't understand any detailed answers anyhow if I did ask) :lol: ....