White Jerseys?

Anyone know why we wore white shirts today.
The only reason that makes sense why we lost.

Good point. I can't think of anything else the team did on the field that could have led to a loss.

It's the home team's choice and, during the season vs. EDM, the Cats had won in white and lost in black. Based on that, the choice, to do the unusua,l was made. My first thought, when I saw them, was it might be a league directive to recognize the unusual fact that the visiting team, in a playoff game, was the team with the better record. Wrong!

I was joking. Let me guess you thought it was a good idea to where white when we have reputation for being tough team and all sports physcology points to black as being an aggressive colour. Not to mention we haven't wore white at home in about a hundred years. Thanks for your comment though. Next time stick to the question. If you don't have relevant comment, troll somewhere else.

Why do you assume I wasn't joking right along with you?

I guess someone thought the white jerseys might change the outcome of the game since the loss streak of 4 home games. It appears the all-black so-called aggressive look doesn't do much for this sad, lack-lustre lot. Personally, I detest the all-black dress and wish they would return to the yellow pants(not that it would likely change the result).

I asked the same question, and the fan behind me told me that technically, we were the "visiting team" in yesterday's matchup.

Sorry, if you were. Seems like every time there is a discussion., Someone makes a derogatory comment so I am a little trigger happy to condemn it. My apologies.

Rod Black stated the Cats wore white because when they beat the Esks in Edmonton , they were wearing road white.

Guess they thought it would be lucky.

I think if that is what they were worried about, they would have bigger issues then the colour of the jersey.

That is incorrect.

Maybe they read thse forums to see people who bitch about all blacks ? lol