White Jerseys at home.

The gold Jersey was amazing. They need to bring it back.

Gee guys, how about an all-gold uniform - jersey, pants, and helmet, just like in the 1950s. About 5 years ago when I called myself frankmadigan on the Forum, I did the math, going back to 1950 and pointed out that the Tiger-Cats have a winning percentage wearing gold pants that's three times higher than when they've worn black pants. For me, it's white jerseys on the road, black at home, but always gold pants.

I think I'd have to see it in the new style, but I think it could work.

A few years back, there was a poll (or two polls, home and away?) about preferred uniforms. I seem to remember the gold/gold uniform wasn't high on the voting, but might have been slightly ahead of white/white.

We should ONLY have Gold pants.



I don't know about that myself . I was never a fan of those gold jerseys . I just didn't care for them , didn't like the way they looked .

Who knows ? Maybe it's because it brings back too many bad memories from the worst era in Ti-Cat history . I think gold jerseys and I immediately think of Jason Maas and Casey Printers . :-[ :frowning: :cry:


Yes. But can't we have a Black stripe down the sides?

Actually, I think I could go for the black stripe. Just have to be careful that we don’t slide into gaudy, like those horrible Spengler Cup hockey uniforms.

What about those striped sleeves? Those take me back to the 50’s. But didn’t we have stripes in one of those Grey Cup years? Angie and Garney in an iconic picture?

I think long sleeves were an option in the '60s and early '70s. Those sleeves had stripes right down to the wrist. In the standard picture of Ealey under the centre, you can see one of the offensive linesmen's sleeve with the stripes.


I want to see white stripes incorporated into the arms of the new sweaters next season.

You know, like a tiger.

Aren't most tigers yellow and black?

I see nothing wrong with the jersey shown in that Chuck Ealey picture. Call it a "throwback" jersey if you like, but it would still look good today.

Not sure why they don't keep it in the rotation as it's a classic Tiger Cat uniform .

And what about a modern version of this?

Definitely, although the modern styling of the sleeves doesn't leave much room for both the white shoulder and the stripes. And no way I want to lose the stripes.

They did it a few years ago. Pretty sure they went with the gold pants. Great throwback helmet too.


But see what I mean about the loss of stripes? Not a fan of the skinny stripes they used that year. Maybe they could raise the white and end it higher to make room for today's wider half stripes? As in, the reverse of the current white jersey. (Not a huge fan of the half stripes either, but better that these skinny ones.)


Mostly yellow and black...but varying degrees of white.

Now back to our regularly scheduled in-fighting.