White Jerseys at home.

Sorry, meant to ask this question last week... forgot to record the Ottawa game so, again, sorry if they mentioned it there but....

Why the hell were we wearing white jerseys?

It was warm, could be they were trying to stay cool vs. The black jerseys.

Was way hotter last game. Made no sense to me.

Why In gods name did you start a new thread for this instead of putting it in one of the other thousand Masoli threads?

Wait. Sorry. Carry on.


Recent history of white unis at home. (Excluding Pre Season)

2018 -> LOSS to Ottawa.
2016 -> East Semi-Final LOSS to Edmonton
2006 -> Labour Day LOSS to Toronto. Damon Allen record setting night.

Of course the colour of our jersey (as long as it’s not blue) doesn’t truly make a difference, but it is interesting !

There was a season, or two, or maybe a few when teams regularly wore white at home. I recall, clearly, that was the case in 1961. I liked it as we got to see the more colourful dark uniforms of all the visiting teams. One standard I'd appreciate set these days is that when a team hosts another team, twice in the same season, it wears the away whites in one of those games. The recent game vs. Ottawa was such a game in that they play here again in late October.

I beg to differ.

White jerseys at home should be a no-no.

This, plus the curse of the new logo has brought us bad karma.

There is a saying at sea. You change the name of a ship, you change the luck of that ship. Maybe changing the logo has the same effect. Look at Montreal this year.

Need at least a few games with this classic .

Usually changing your GM will bring better results. ;D

I thought Montreal went a little too far when the changed the name to Baltimore. ;D

Pat Lynch (just gettin' older)

Make that "when they changed the name". Those early tee off times are playing havoc with the remaining brain cell. :o

Pat Lynch (the old g.. .)

Those white uniforms are blinding me. Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun.
But mama, that's where the fun is...

I personally think it's a smart move especially in the summer . I can remember a game a few years back when the temperature was in the high nineties closing in on one hundred degrees . The team was dressed in their all blacks from head to toe and were absolutely gassed out there absorbing all the heat that black attire brings on a hot day . As a matter of fact we were absolutely baking just sitting in the stands that day wearing t-shirts , shorts and sandals so I can't imagine what it would've been like for the players down on the field playing in that heat dressed all in black .

Very little.

If you think the team wearing white is any "cooler" at field level...

Whoever makes the uniform combinations, please never again. White is the road colour, leave it that way.

Anyone in the Cat organization want to respond?

Why did you put this GIF of Chris Jones calling a playin this thread?

That said, they should have a gold 3rd Jersey like a few years ago. It might be a little cooler than black. NEVER WHEAR WHITE AT HOME.