White Helmits.

another poll question i wanted to know how u all felt about the white helmits last labour day.

i thought they looked great but, the logo was not the greatest, if we had the original logo that is on the current black helmets it would have looked great

im all for it.


please just shoot me now

I liked them alot with the all white unis.

If the white pants are gone, then no.

A one time all white thing like last year's labour day game was good. They looked great.

Absolutely HATED the white helmets...and the white uniform...and the way we played that day...the list could go on and on...

I say purge the stink of last year and that means the white helmets and the whole "white after labour day" schtik... If wer'e going to have some kind of theme uniform day. How about throw back jerseys with the old yellow helmets and the TC logo?

Too many new logos and I still prefer the old leaping tiger to the new one.

I say, pink helmets, with purple logo, and purple uniforms and pink lettering :rockin:

Then rename the team to the playboy bunny-cats. Maybe then you get enough distance from last year :lol:


*Now, somebody with their nose out of joint tell me to 'GROW UP!'

Black and Gold

Hamilton Tigercats

Black and Gold

You must be mistaken. This is not the Toronto board.

oh no, no mistake, toronto colors should be red white and blue. :twisted:

I voted no. I prefer the gold helmet for the third uniform, with or without the original logo. No Tony The Tiger logos need apply. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

For me, it's a version of the black helmet or a gold one. The white helmet has never been a part of the tradition of the team: in this area I am a traditionalist.

Oski Wee Wee,

I have one of those labor Day helmets
cost me a small fortune.
but I would like that logo on a black
helmet. Would look sharp!!!!!!!!!!