White Helmets

How many losses vs. wins did we have wearing thise yucky white helmets anyway?

I thought that at season begin the team was just going to wear them out the one time.....


They're just damn ugly. They look absolutely retarded with the green jerseys.

Boo white helmets. Toss em in the dumpster. :thdn: :thdn:

I think they look good. They're sharp didn't look the best with the home Uniforms but there a change of pace. I believe our record with them is 3-4 (please correct me if I'm wrong i went soley off memory while looking at our schedule)

I like them overall, as saskfan23 said, a nice change of pace. I'd prefer to keep them with the white unis though, and green lids with the green unis.

They're the worst of the 3 helmets we wear in my mind.

  1. The green Retro's
  2. The normal green helmets
  3. The white lids

I will admit they looked better than I though they would, but they are still the worst of the 3. I wish the team would wear the retro's more often, I think that's a sharp looking helmet/jersey.