white > green

I like those all-white uniforms over the green ones in the looks department. The white ones make them look bigger, too.

They remind me too much of stormtroopers.


I like the green better.

Although if they gave DD a Darth Vader like uniform they might be on to something ...... :wink:

Cheerleaders dressed like Leia in the side buns...isn't that every guy's fantasy? lol

Don't mind the white, but hate the white helmets, they really gotta go!!

I hate the white hats. They're wrong. This team is supposed to be green.

The green ones look like Michigan State. :thdn:

I prefer to see it another way. Michigan State looks like the Riders' green ones.

Yea well, when the league finally adopts your plan for 9 divisions of 1 team each, you can get back to us on the color of the helmets. :thup:

not mine, but yeah...for many
A - that would be funny as hell
B - would the Esks be willing to give up the Evil Empire ?


it is funny
because he is a jackass

Yep,, same here, still dont like those white helmets... but it seems they are here to stay now

While I'm usually a bit traditional re sports, I love the white helmets. Nothing wrong with being a Rider stormtrooper.

At 3-0 it would at least appear the force is definitely with them.

I know this uniform issue is a matter of personal taste so nobody is right and nobody is wrong. I don't think there has been a Rider uniform I didn't like, although there are some I liked more than others. I suppose I am guilty of having the green tinted glasses when it comes to the teams outfits.

I like the all white as well as the white helmets, just as I like the white BC helmets. I also liked the black uniforms, I like the '60's style uniforms with the old round logo and I like those for play-off games for some reason, and I liked the Seahawks style wrap around helmet logos.

Personally I wish they would wear the Rider Retro's full time, along with the retro green helmet for away games. I think that's the sharpest looking uniform in the league.



I like the all white look; it compliments the all green look too. The "retros" are a nice compliment, but definitely should not be the main jerseys (they're just a green version of the Indy Colts jerseys).

The Riders do have the nicest jerseys in the league, at least through my green tinted sunglasses. :slight_smile:

All white looks sharp. Also makes the players look faster.

i like the away whites. i think they look sharp.. ALSO in the hot weather games, our guys will be much cooler than the others, especially if we were to play in hamilton. every little advantage :thup: