White and White...

Why do the Argos continue to wear the white pants with the white jersey's. I hate that. Thats what I was looking forward to the new jersey's coming out. The Argos blue pants. But we only wear them at home. I wish they'd wear the blue pants on the road as well. Anyone else?

I love the new shirts..........but I agree with you on the away uniforms.

I wish they would stop having rigitoni and start eating spaghetti for the pre-game meal. Any thoughts?

I'd kinda be hoping for a combo plate of Lasagna and chicken myself, diehard.

I really like the home jerseys but I don't think the answer qould be to put the home pants with the away ones. They should re-design the away pants from scratch

Lasagna and chicken eh Argofanforlife? That sounds good, the chicken would not be sitting in your stomach come game time. How bout Lasagna and a nice salmon steak? This way if they threw up on the home pants, they wouldn't stain. lol

A brilliant menu option, Diehard!!!! How do I get into that seating? Is the salmon BBQ'd? :lol:

Yes, we can BBQ the salmon over a cedar log fire. The best imported from the west coast. lol

I think I just gained about 20 lbs reading your post, diehard! How much salmon does a person have to eat to gain 20 lbs? I'm willing to try!

Alot more than 20 lbs.

Showing up to the BBQ, Milkman?