Whitaker on the 6 game injured list

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Well, kiss the playoffs goodbye.

Ça va faire mal. Très mal.

Je ne crois pas que le duo Sutton-Rutley sera aussi efficace que le duo Whitaker-Sutton. Les Alouettes ont absolument besoin d'un jeu au sol efficace pour espérer réussir à gagner des parties, et ce ne sera pas facile de le faire contre le solide front défensif des Roughriders.

Si les Alouettes réussissent à se rendre dans les éliminatoires sans Whitaker, je vais leur lever mon chapeau ne serait-ce que pour ça.

C'est vrai que Whitaker avait moins de mordant depuis son dernier retour, mais il trouvait quand même le moyen de faire des percées et de faire avancer les chaîneurs de temps en temps. Mais en le perdant, on perd de l'efficacité de la combinaison qu'il faisait avec Sutton. Espérons que Sutton pourra reprendre le flambeau avec brio car Rutley n'a pas la même force d'impact que lui ou que Whitaker.

I find this announcement a bit suspicious, too. Whitaker injures his foot in an off-field workout, it doesn't require surgery, but he's shut down for the rest of the regular season? Reminds me of last year when the team put him on the IR despite his claims that he was ready to go.

Why all this cloak and dagger stuff with this team.
First Smith on injury list then disabled list with no explanation.
Now Whitaker> if he has a foot injury tell us what it is and how he got it. What's the risk? It's not like other eams can target it.
Just bizarre way to treat the people who pay the freight. Not to mention the players involved.

Don't know that it will be Rutley, unless he replaces Sutton.

The most recent transaction I can find for him is:

September 23
NON-ACTIVE 23-Sept-14
MTL ADD IMP Brandon RUTLEY (RB) San Jose State

So not on the active roster; while today they added the recently signed Chris Rainey:

October 10

They also added NIP Andrew SMITH (WR) - Manitoba - and put both MCELVEEN and WHITAKER on the injured list.

Interesting, to me anyway, is the most recent transaction for Troy Smith:

September 25

Maybe the Als are doing this to stay under the CAP? They can pull two players off the six game if they need to. Or maybe they are planning to trade a RB before the Oct. 15th. deadline?

Hamilton could sure use one. .

So does Winnipeg.

Or maybe Brandon hurt his foot.

Rainey is highly tilted, so not necessarily a surprise that they picked him over Rutley.

Haha…you are right. Maybe its as simple as that hey? Good point. I was kind of surprised that BW has the most carries in the league with a very poor average. 4.5. Rainey has some pop even tho tilted :wink:

In any event Sutton will be getting the bulk of the work. Rainey is the same type of player as Devine. Buck eighty in space kind of guy. hopefully he can hang on to the ball. Often the problem with rookie RB in this league.

Sommes-nous assez heureux qu'ils nous aient fait mentir? :wink:

Very much so, but you can thank the D for that, not the offense or that pathetic excuse for a unit called special teams that Tom Higgins manages. :wink:

Sutton has really stepped up. He's been explosive the past few weeks and shown a gear I didn't know he had. Good for him. :thup:

On est bien d'accord! :rockin:

I think the duo going forward is Sutton and Rainey.

Pas certain. Rainey a dit que son objectif était de retourner dans la NFL dès l'an prochain. Je ne suis pas certain qu'il a vraiment la tête à gagner quelque chose ici.

Après quelques beaux jeux, Rainey est devenu un peu plus invisible. Il faudra voir s'il parvient à s'ajuster.

Rainey will soon discover that he's not going back to the NFL after what he's done in the current climat without lighting it up for a couple years in the CFL.

They tried going to Rainey a few times in the Toronto game but Crompton is so poor at swing passes to the flat that they all misfired and fell incomplete.