Whitaker and Whyte Weekly award

Whitaker offensive player of the week, Whyte Special Teams player of the week.


Every team playing the Bombers have been collecting the awards LOL !

Très heureux pour Whitaker et Whyte. Ces honneurs seront plus partagés cette saison.

D'un autre côté, et sans leur enlever quoi que ce soit, il n'y avait que 2 parties la semaine dernière...

Does anyone have an update on Brandon? According to Herb's column on Monday, he speculated that his injury could be bruised ribs (serious) or cracked ribs (very SERIOUS!) and that he could be out for several weeks. Normally, the Als hold some kind of press conference in these situations, but the silence concerns me.

The Als can't realistically aspire to a winning season or even getting into the playoffs without an effective gound game. Whitaker is a big part of that. So, we need him back or we need someone to step up for a few games.

Whitaker returned home to Oklahoma for the break and is regularly tweeting, so it cant be too serious. Although you dont need your ribs to tweet.

It was probably bruised ribs and I guess we`ll only know if he has to miss a game or 2 when the team returns to practice Saturday or Sunday.

Either way, i.e. bruised or cracked ribs, that's not good news, considering the teams we're playing over the next four games, including back-to-back games with the Lions.

Having an effective running game makes us more efficient offensively, and is more than likely to keep AC upright. Whitaker is a constant threat and we absolutely need him as part of the offensive mix. If he does have to miss a few games, I wonder if Victor Anderson is up to the task of replacing Brandon????

This is definitely not good news for the Als.

Does the team have an adequate replacement for Whitaker? I have not seen this to date!

Sorry for the persistance, but does anyone have an update on Whitaker's condition?

The silence is deafening, isn't it ?

The latest update is on the team`s website - Back to Work.

We will probably get a more definitive answer tomorrow when the team is back to practice.

I need to know! He is a key piece of my fantasy team :frowning:

I think he will play.

Hopefully, but I hate the lack of news

Latest from Herb:

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1
#Als RB Brandon Whitaker was on field, in pads, but it appears Victor Anderson will get start vs Eskimos.

Now does this mean Whitaker will dress? To me it doesn`t make sense to dress him as a backup.

I think they're being cautious with Brandon, and rightly so. It's a long season and we need him at 100% down the stretch. As for the backup thing, Anderson already was dressed last game, so it's not like anything changes roster-wise. They may dress both but split time between the two. Edmonton has an absolutely ferocious defense, and the last thing we want is for Whitaker to aggravate his injury taking a big hit or while being tackled.

ugh really? This hurts :frowning:

Be patient :slight_smile: