yo all u playas out der bring your whistle to the next home game will fuck around with those stupid ass refs and forsurly bring ure whistles to the larbour day classic

thurman, you are an idiot. any 'fan' who follows your lead will receive no respect from real fans. no if you want to make yourself useful bring multiple loud noise making devices including your voices and cheer like mad during the opposition's huddle until the snap. okay... here is the tough part to remember for some of you. be quiet when our offense in is the huddle and calling the play. by following these simple instructions you could actually look like intelligent fans who understand the game and want to help their team towards victory. or.... follows thurmans suggestion and make all bomber fans look like complete morons who are obnoxious and do not actual care about the game.

you can attack me now saying how you paid for your ticket and can now do what you want. or maybe that i should have a sense of humour and see how funny it is to interrupt the game... however i suspect most decent fans will agree with me on this one

...you pretty much summed it up in the first line'''blackdale'......the guy is an idiot...the quickest way to undermine the Bombers would be to pull a stupid stunt like that...the refs will start marching off yardage against us with that type of interruption of play...whoever starts that crap ....i hope they get chucked when they get caught...and they will get caught :thdn: :oops:

edited - watch the language