Whistle Blower

Doug Brown has Markus Howell on the Spin Zone tonight is breaking a story on illegal mini camps being run by the Stampeders, TiCats and Argos…the camps are a violation of the cflpa agreement…

These mini camps you are talking about are organized but the players themselves and the faciities are paid by the players. So how in the world is this against the rules. It is only the players that want to participate that go to these it was on TV the other day. They are in a soccer dome late at night. It really is not a scret when they show it on the news. Just maybe if your Qb was smart he to would organize something like this.

free agent camps are okay.......the allegations are that players under contract are participating.......that is a no no.........

Do you read! Read my post again. This little get together is not sanctioned by the Stampeders. It is the players getting together. Piggy you are losing it could be the pressure you are under with the bombers and this player coming oops no he isn't and then it is this player coming oops no he isn't. :lol:

that is the point rw05…the organizations ARE the ones calling the players who are already under contract and telling them they need to attend these camps…ala whistle blower…they are not what they claim to be…you have swallowed it hook line & sinker rw05…read MY first post again…:slight_smile:

Who ever stated that is a liar this was started last year by Copeland, Lewis and Burris. The pay for the site and they work out with each other. It is not sanctioned by the team. Players are allowed to condition off season anyway they wish. I guess M Howell will not be liked by his team mates much if he gave false information. The same thing is being done by Maas. He heard it from one of the Stamps last year and felt him and his new team mates should work out together. How can it be against the rule of CFLPA if it is run by players. You can not go after the guys you represent. You know I thought you were the smart bomber fan where is Hankthetank!

Just one question, cant the players work out without having to pay for a facility do that in??

it is against the rules for the team to organize these so called free agent camps........the stamps started this last year already, so it isnt just one player coming forward now......you believe what you want to believe but it is already being discussed by the cflpa as it is against their cba to include players under contract in team organized camps, before training camp actually starts........the Detroit Lions just pulled the same thing and also got caught and are being disciplined for it.......the cfl will be following their lead..........

The players rent the soccer dome and throw the ball around and do sprints. It is all down by the players it has nothing to do with the Stampeders telling them they have to do this. The players are the ones doing this and it is for only the guys that want to work out. Piggy is misinformed. they have been working out since February or earlier.

You are right but this is not organized by the team. About the CFLPA investgating do you know who Stu Laird is? There is no investigation on players organizing work outs on their own. Provew this piggy my boy!

I would say that if you want to workout with new teammates or get ready for the season, show up early and work out in the team's pracitice facility. If you want to do that earlier , it should not be against the rules to do so, so long as the team doesnt pay for it or sanction it. Players may be risking injury to work out early, so I wonder if its in the team's best ineterest to OK the "free agent camps"

The thing is it is not compulsory and is run by the players there are no rules being broken. I remember years ago after the grey cup many Eskiomo players would go over to Hawaii and play football on the Universtiy field to stay in shape so I guess even then they borke rules ha ha ha to funny Piggy there is not smoke here you can put the hose back!

red.......usually when you call someone a whistle blower......that means that they are exposing what is really going on........so what do you have.....a player or players (since 3 teams have been named) being contacted by their employer, telling them they should show up at these camps........now if your the player, you realize that this outside the scope of your union agreement under the cflpa........so what happens if you break a leg in one of these non team organized camps........your screwed thats what........no medical, no salary, get it........of course some of the players are going to say screw you, thats not right and go to the cflpa about it........get it now......

Wow again you are not reading! I told you they had this on RV here at a soccer dome. Henry Burris stated this was run byt the players themselves and it is only for the guys that want to work out. It has nothing to do with the team telling guys they have to be there. If someone stated this then they are self centred and trying to get press. Just maybe Howell knows he is not going to make the squad and is loking for sympathy to end up on another roster. Or just maybe be he was not asked to join the boys for some fun. All I know is if he did say this I hope he gets cut immediately the Stamps only want team players! Seriously why would they show this on TV interview some of the players if they knew this was illegal. Talk about believing everything you hear. What Winnipeg is now NEWS central for Canada! ha ha ha

.....to recap:

a) It's not illegal for players to organize their own workout programs,
b) It is illegal for a team's mgmt to force players to attend these workout programs,
c) other than Howell's allegations, there has been no reported findings of any wrongdoing by any club with regards to these workout programs,
d) on a team with a dozen prospective receivers Markus's depth ranking just dropped to 18th

But I heard McGill's grad students were in charge of the hazing...

...well I believe the Aspers are one big news player in this country....and yeah they are from Winnipeg.....seems these players are going to start their own arena league soon....and yeah Piggy you're right....they better have their insurance premiums paid up.....I would think any football club would be concerned about players getting hurt in one of these so-called ' mini-training camps'...that is apparently not sanctioned by the league... :!:

.......players injure themselves doing all sorts of things, riding motorbikes, playing pick-up basketball, getting beat up by their wives.......happens all the time.....

If you get injured doing something not sanctioned by your team, that usually voids your contract. If I was a player, I'd wait a few more days to attend the real training camp, just in case... Unless the team has a special deal to protect its zealous players.

…I think it only voids your contract if you show up on opening day and are unable to play…and we should be clear on what these guys are doing…I can’t say for sure what the Hamilton boys are up to but in the case of the Burris, Copeland, Lewis group last year they were chucking a ball around, getting to know each other’s moves and playing characteristics, getting to know each other as friends so that when they hit the field it was with a sense of familiarity…how can that be bad?..