Whiners Unite

Lay it all out in this thread. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


It's Doug and Wendy Whiner!

I bumped in to them on the street the other day and they told me they were Tiger-Cat fans! Who'd a thunk it?

  • paul

is there a Merit Badge? :wink:


Oh look, he is crying and he is wearing blue. Coincidence?

  • paul

Since it's blackout night, shouldn't he be wearing black?

You mean… Shouldn’t YOU be wearing black?

If I was wearing black, that would mean that I was sitting at Neverwynn Stadium supporting a team that is comfortable with losing, not willing to make changes, and starting a QB who has won 4 games in 20 starts. Why on earth would I do that?

How exactly are the Ticats comfortable with losing? And not willing to make changes? I don't know if you've noticed but half of the 45 player roster are different this year not to mention a new president, a general manager who learned from one of the best in the CFL, and a head coach with an established reputation around professional and collegiate football. Those seem like pretty significant changes to me.

Let me guess, you are referring one player and one player only and his initials are J.M. Am I right? If so, quit beating the dead horse that has been beaten to a pulp on this forum. Get over it, Coach Taaffe gets to make the decision, we don't!

  • paul

Oh I am sorry, this is the whining thread, carry on "Cunny." My bad!

  • paul

Stupid thread.

Are you whining about the thread ?

Cunny - Stick with pink - you wear it well!

Good one copguns1. Your sister told me the same thing.

why have you not been banned ?

Your arrogant , immature , deficient ,deviant, dispicable and on top of it all a declared ARGO fan.

bump, we need more drama here.

hamilton needs mike vick, marcus vick, tank johnson, pacman jones, and floyd mayweather.

You forgot handsome.

Why is it anytime anyone has a contrary opinion they are threatened with banishment on this web site? What is this - Pee Wee Herman's Playhouse? (Ha! Ha! Ha! Anybody want to do the Chicken Dance?)

For the record, we stink worse than the last two years when we managed to win at least one game after our now historic 0-4 starts. This, of course, has a great deal to do our new so called GM!

You are one of the few people on here that make any sense rebelcat...aside from me!


You guys should hug it out!

Thats touching!

Hey Cunny, didn't I read somewhere on this blog that this kid Gbonds88 was only 19 years old? So much for the younger generation. He will understand so much more when he grows up after years of desparately following the beloved Black and Gold. Hugs all around, please.