Whiners saying CFL ticket prices are too high…open your eyes

I've been reading a lot of opinions from fans saying CFL ticket prices are too high. I won't mention Bungle's name for the sake of good etiquette but he has been very vocal about it. I want him to start seeing the glass half full for a change. I think others need to see the bigger picture and realize that buying seasons tickets gives the fan much much more than seeing a football game. For example I've often wondered...

Despite the negatives associated with serving booze at the stadium with one of the biggest being inebriated fans driving home and "accidentally" running down rival fan supporters I can see lots of advantages for continuing to serve booze. And I'm not referring to increasing the franchise's profit margin but serving booze has provided an bang for one's ticket price.

  • Boozed up fan revellers often make total idiots of themselves. This is definitely a perk for season ticket holders.

  • Boozed up fans are often the ones that start fights in the stands and are sent packing out of the stadium, sometimes in cuffs. This can be more entertaining than the game itself! :rockin:

  • Booze often translates into naked streakers running out onto the field with their package flipping about every which way. Makes for a great youtube video! :thup:

  • Booze can numb the pain and dull the senses when the home team is being blown out.

  • Booze can help give the inebriated that extra sense of perception. He is able to spot infractions that the refs seem totally blind about. Maybe the refs should each carry a small flask in their hip pocket.

  • Booze give a guy/gal added confidence and set of ba**s. He can speak his mind and yell out obscenities at the coaching staff or players and say what most fans are thinking but are afraid to say out loud. Security seems to be more tolerable if the guy is under the influence.

  • Booze makes the home town fan a "true" CFL fan. He often gets confused about which team he is cheering for and when the opponents recover a fumble or intercept the ball and run it in for TD the boozed up fan will actually cheer, much to the chagrin of the hometown crowd.

  • The boozed up fan adds much comic relief when he stands up and starts babbling about something and no one can understand what he saying.

  • The boozed up fan creates hilarious entertainment when trying to make it back to his seat with 4 full plastic containers of beer precariously balanced in each hand only to lose his balance and fall face first into the row in front.

  • The boozed up guy is a great source of entertainment when watching him eat his everything on it jumbo hotdog. You watch him about to take his first bite of the dog only to see the wiener squirt out onto his lap and the rest of the "everything on it" disintegrate all over his chest before his very eyes.

Anyways, to sum it up… There is much more "entertainment" at a CFL game to see if we just watch for it. We get a whole lot more for our ticket. And who know what the playoffs will bring? :wink:


Anyone for a Budweiser? :wink:

You forgot about the beer snake... Lol... Beers at BC Place are 14.50 a piece now.. You can get a half glass for 7... I only make 110-130 K a year.. I can no longer afford CFL games... Lots of people make more money than I, but you are still pricing out 80% of your market.

Lol wut. You make a 130k a year and cant afford CFL games? :roll:

I live in Vancouver the most criminal driven economy in Noirth America. I am not a criminal, so I am SOL.. My basic rule of thumb is that I will not spend money on entertainment faster than I make it.. I cap my spending at about 25-30 dollars an hour.. If it exceeds that, then I can't afford it.

Are you an accountant? That sounds like the most boring, drab, depressing way to live.

Do you constantly walk around with a calculator in your pocket running ad hoc calculations to see if entertainment expenses run higher than 25% of your hourly wage lmao. If your out with friends and they want to spontaneously drop some money on something fun do you bust out the big old Casio and go "nope 26% of my hourly wage, im out" lol.

Live a little my friend. We're all going to die one day. Unless you want to die with millions of dollars underneath your mattress.

I save living for the winter when I leave Canada... I spent all of last winter in Asia and am going to South America once I can get laid off.. It is too expensive to do anything in Canada.
Im only going to make 80K this year because I didn't start working until the beginning of April.

So what does this have to do with ticket prices? You just choose to spend your money elsewhere. Tickets are already pretty damn cheap. I consider attending a CFL game to be at LEAST 4-5 hours of entertainment by time you account for pre-game/post game activities. You can attend a game for under 100 bucks/person in every city as far as I know.

$14.50 a beer?

Man, I can stay home and get a growler for $10. That's enough beer for an entire day of doing nothing but watching football.

They do seem intent on pricing fans out of the stands.

Prices at each NFL stadium varies but here are some average prices at an NFL game:
17 oz beer $7.25
hot dog $5.00
Soft drink $4.50
Program $4.00
Parking $27.50

Last I heard beer was selling for $8.00 a cup. That was up from $7.50 the previous year. Where are you getting $14.50 ?

8 dollars gets you a half beer that is 8 ounces... 14.50 gets you a 16 ounce full beer.

At best, you could argue that the 14.50 beer is the same amount as a tall can... Still a complete rip off when you consider that the 8 dollar beer isn't even 250 ml.

plus the beer was all stale... I had to go to 4 different kegs to get a decent beer... I challenge anyone to go to a BC Lions game and walk out of there thinking you weren't ripped off.

I agree but just keep your facts straight. A regular can of beer is 12 oz, not 16! What you were saying is that "a beer" at B.C. Place costs $14.50 which is incorrect.

Regardless, I would never pay $8.00 for cup of beer whether it was 8 oz, 12 oz, or even 16 oz. In fact I don't even drink beer! :rockin:

I seriously question your money management if you make 100k+ a year and can’t afford to go to Lions games.

Until a little over 2 years ago, i lived in Vancouver and made 25k a year. I could afford to attended every game. Granted… i don’t have kids to support or anything, but i lived on my own paying a Vancouver rent and all bills. On top of that… i’m a smoker and a toker. If i could afford to go to games on 25k… you should surely be able to afford them with your 100k+.

I’m now living in Prince George making just under 40k a year… and i can still afford to go to games. I fly down 5 or 6 times a season (this year will be 7 as i’m coming down for Grey Cup). Including flights and tickets… that’s around $3,000 to see my favourite team play.

So if i can afford 3k a season… you should be able to afford $300-$700 for season tickets with your wage that is around 3x what mine is.

So is it that you really can’t afford to go?.. or is it that you don’t really want to pay to go?

You lose Bungle. lol My wife and I never felt ripped off! :rockin:

I SAY THAT YOU ARE FULL OF IT... UNLESS YOU ARE LIVING OFF OF PEOPLE THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN LIVE IN VANCOUVER ON 12 DOLL ARS AN HOUR AND STILL SMOKE CIGERATES AND WEED AND GO OUT all of the time.... I assume that on your 25 K that you literally pay no taxes at all with such a low income. I payed well over 40 K last year alone btw.
so 25000divided by 365 is 74 dollars a day. minus 10 bucks a day for cigerates leaves you with 65 bucks. minus another 15 for weed leaves you with 50 bucks.. Now Im no expert but finding shelter in Vancouver with hydro and water and cable, and cell phone for under 1200 bucks (40 bucks a day) is almost impossible. Then you have your transit pass (no way in hell you would have a car. Oh and then there is that thing called food.
if you reread my original point, I commented at how Vancouver was a criminal city. I would assume that you were one of them... You were not involved in laundering money through real estate like the majority of the "Asian investors" that have destroyed the living standard in this city. You were probably just involved in the benign low level pot dealing scene.
I have no issue with this morally, but to sit there and say you lived in this city on 25K a year is a straight up lie.
I own a car that alone costs me 15K/year (before tax income) to operate... 460/ month payments... 170 insurance... 200 gas. Plus parking and oil changes ect.
Oh BTW. I remember this pay check clearly. I had just cracked 30K for the year after taxes and yet had earned almost 48K. So in order for my car expenses to be at 15K, they would still be under 10 K for the year. Im probably under estimating my car expenses and they are probably closer to 20K or 80 percent of your claimed income... BTW.. Its a Camry sport... Nothing fancy..

I've said it before...I know people that live in the city that have done it as well. I have a friend in the city who has never made over 1000 in a 2 weeks span (that was as of a couple of years ago), has a wife who works part time as a hair dresser, they have a kid, their own place (rental) and a 3 year old car. They attend a NHL game once a month, 3-4 CFL games a year on their own dime, they are not heavy drinkers but do drink and are tokers, and are fairly avid festival goers. Neither steps outside of the law, other than toking.

You choose the be laid off and leave the country, apparently on EI, and likely without legal permission. with the money you are making and the amount you complain about you are living beyond your means, simple as that. I know several people that live in expensive cities and do not make that much money, yet do pretty well.

2 of my best friends live in Manhattan and London respectively, and while both likely make 150-200k per year, they are absolutely fine and loving it.

you can not travel while on EI.. The immigration records are sent back to Canada from all over the world..
Once again, you do not live in this city on anything less than 150 dollars a day... I know this because I live here.
I tyalk about living where you pay either rent or a mortgage and have a car.. Many people like my friend Julie had her rich daddy buy her a condo and now she only works 35 hours a week as a nurse and has a decent life... Many people do not have a car and spend countless hours on the bus every week. I can assure you that you do not live in this city on less than 60K/year...
60K puts you on the very edge of being middle class and out of living hand to mouth... If you have kids then so help you.
My ex makes about 60 K and I gave her my old car, and she complains all the time about having no money. Not to mention that she only pays about 15 percent tax because she owns her own business, so in reality she is earning over 70.

You can travel as much as you want on EI but when filling out your claim you must declare that you were NOT AVAILABLE for work during that period.