Whineapegs Canada

I would like to know if a player refuses to come to team he's traded too, can he still play in the CFL? It seems to me we should own his rights and let him sit out a season or get a player ,draft etc. I am to believe that a player whines an goes in a snit he stays with his team or did the Cat's not have it written in stone?

What difference does it make? If you're referring to Tom Cana-duh!, he useless anyways. We dont need him here. And Winnipeg cut him a couple weeks ago. He's a free agent...that nobody seems in a rush to sign. Move on already.

Obie is the same GM who loaded BC with guys like Cameron Wake, Brent JOhnson, Aaron Hunt, Floyd, Pottinger, Javier Glatt. Obie knows defensive guys, just give him some time. Our D is gonna be stacked by 2010 season. Bank on that one.

The problem with the revisionist history here is the trade was never consummated. Canada's spleen issue caused him to be excluded from the proposed trade. It was subsequently revised. Whether one would want to accuse the CFL or qualified medical personnel of misrepresenting/misdiagnosing Canada's situation is another matter, but I digress.

Had Canada been effectively tradable, the suspension possibility would exist if he did not report. As it happened, the medical situation meant Canada was deactivated from the Bomber roster. Hence no trade.

Oski Wee Wee,