........team wins today should be able to get past the Lions and be Grey Cup bound........here's to a great game where both clubs leave it all on the field and the better squad takes the W........it's been fun hammering posts with all you EE faithful this year, one way or another it wraps up today.........take it easy and I'll report in to offer:

a) condolences, or
b) congratulations

tonight sometime when we get home, be good little CFLsupporters until then!!

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this game.

Calgary's season is already a success. Eskimos need to win otherwise Edmonton fans will demand a lynching of some Eskimo coaches.

BC has really crapped out in the last 1/3 of the season and I would be REALLY surprised if they win the Grey Cup.

I do not care either Alberta team winning and bringing the cup back where it belongs is good enough for me!

As a rule, I never cheer for Calgary teams.

However, I'd rather see the Stamps win over the Riders.

If Calgary played Saskatchewan for the Grey Cup, my whole universe would come crashing down all around me and I would become a hermit.

eskies it is then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

........good win eskimos.........you made the half time adjustment that guarenteed your fate.....yes we coughed up the ball many times but your team was able to capitalize off it..........a good win and good luck in beating BC next week....

I respect you RedandWhite, you're the only stamps fan to come on after the loss, and congratulate us for the win.

.....no problem dude, your team totally deserved the win.............it was a sensational season and I cna't wiat for the seasons ticket renewal notice in the mail.......go beat them lions now to make the loss less painful.............

Class act you are R&W. The Stamps deserve a lot of credit for the season they had this year. They handled us this season except for the first quarter and the last quarter that we've played them. Football gods helped a little today and good teams find a way to win games like that. Right up until tonight I wasn't sure that I could say that this season, but they showed what they were made of winning that game in a hostile inviroment.


As a Rider fan currently blubbering in my beer, it was great to watch a truly wonderful game. Bursts of energy and dazzle for both teams. The transformation when Maas took over was almost spookey. The late third down gamble was thrilling as well. Finally, Stallings showed us why the NFL was so interested.

BC should be a cakewalk guys, just keep Maas at the helm.

Calgary - amazing job of rebuilding. Went from doh to whoah in record time.