Which would you choose?

I have two questions.

  1. If some how you could select a new player that would complete your team but there were two who you can choose from. One is a Local non-import that would improve your team and over time would get you a couple trips to the playoffs and then maybe one or two grey cups. The other is an import that will make your team a dominate power with a host of playoff appearances and a dynasty amount of grey cups. Who would you choose?

NOTE! When I ask this question I’m not implying that imports are better then non-imports. I think it depends on the player not where he is from.

  1. If your from Canada do you have a favorite import player and if you do who is he.

english please?

no brainer, NI Brent Johnson, I Ricky Ray.

To many big words for you? :twisted:

More like too many improperly used words

When did this fourm become an English class. Can you just answer the questions.

I would want alot of Cups and Jarious Jackson.

a) I would take the import player with years of playoffs and a dynasty amount of cups.

b) no fave right now.

It would depend on the salary cap, other imports on the roster, and the quality my non-imports, because no player, no matter how good they are, can make a bad team excellent.

a) same as R&W

b) Kerry Joseph even though he doesn't play on my fav team the Cats.

a) I would pick an import.

b)Arland Bruce