Which would u prefer?

A scatback or a power runner on a slippery surface?

I'm going with power.

:thup: :thdn:

I don't know, I drive a Buick. :lol: :lol:

Sorry, couldn't resist. I would go with the power runner.

Oh boy, another Sheets vs Cornish thread pops up

Better then reading more complaints from the rocket about Argo management. Power back all the way

You mean like Gable vs. Walker? Good question. Is both an option? Because it really depends on the situation.

Unfortunately I think this weather gives a bit of an edge to Saskatchewan. Not because of Sheets, I think Cornish is a better north/south runner and he should have a small edge over Sheets. What helps the Riders is that Durant is a far more powerful runner than Calgary's quarterbacks combined. So that gives an option to the Riders that the Stamps do not have.

Calgary has a much better D against the run in my opinion though so it may even things out. I know the stats don't back that statement up but I feel that Calgary's defence matches up very well against Saskatchewans run game.

Would like to see both in a double wing formation (Play Action) on first downs

2nd down and long a power runner in a spread formation

2nd down and more than 1 yard a Scat Back runner/receiver


You mean like the old days when teams always had a halfback and a fullback in the backfield? With the fullback behind the halfback? OK, maybe not that last bit, eh?

Unless they are playing with the roof open in Toronto, I doubt there will be a slippery surface.

They could line up in many formations, and use motion yes