Which was the worst BC Lions Grey Cup loss?

The one against Winnipeg When Michael Grey came back to haunt us!

2004, we had th talent, the momentum, but because DD came in cold, not having played for 11 games or so, the Leos played flat that entire game. We should have won, and probably would have if CP had played that game instead.

2003: We had been waiting for almost 20 years for the cup (more than a lifetime for me, at the time).

Losing that was pretty hard.

Worst Grey Cup loss had to be to the so called Canadian/American city of Toronto.

Had to be 1983. If I recall that game correctly, the Lions were up 17-0 at the half. And, they didn't score a single point after half-time. That was just painful to watch, because I was sure they had that one won by the half.