Which veterans need to go

Which veterans are now taking up too much of the salary cap and not producing ?
Which vets should be cut now before labour day or released at end of season ?

At least one of the rental DBs...but hey....that is understandable

T Smith
J Richardson

Personal I don't have a problem with Harris

Why Emry? I think he could be the missing piece on D. Also he hasn't chewed up much cap space being on the injured list.

Cut losses. He is done....too many health issues...cut losses and move on. Maybe consider making Foley a FA offer.

Foley won't be back with the Riders in the foreseeable future. I hope Shea gets healthy so we can see what he's got or doesn't got. I think it is too soon to write him off.

Speaking of injury prone - what is with Dressler? Missed another game.

Harris. Emry, Tino , Connop even though he isn't a vet he still is the weak link on the line. Taj for all intensive purposes is done.
On the bubble: Bagg, George, Maze, Best. Getz would also be on the bubble but Smith seems to go to him a fair bit so some chemistry there, the kid needs that. Glenn also on the bubble but the reality is if Durant isn't available for what ever reason then we do need a good vet back up.Possibly to take care of this whole qb coach issue make him an offer for the spot.

Don't think Foley will even entertain coming back after getting burned, besides two things. One Hall is playing much better and two Foley has considered retirement more then once so not sure what his status would be after this season anyways.

I can't see Bagg or Getz being on the bubble. Getz has been pretty reliable this season as has Bagg. They have to sign Smith and Smith to longer term contracts and soon. Smith looks like the heir apparent to DD. If they wait too long to sign Ryan Smith he is going to be a hot commodity as a free agent at the end of the season. I can see Dressler being offered as trade bait as much as I'd love to see him have his whole career in the green and white. Taj is done, rumours have it that he is getting ready to plea bargain his charges.

As far as getting Foley back, not happening. With us out of the playoffs they will not be trying to get him back at all. His agent is already negotiating another year extension with TO and then he will likely retire.

Anthony Allan will likely be cut or traded. Connop could be cut. Can't say anything on Emry yet, it would be a shame to let him go without seeing what he can do.

I also wouldn't hesitate to giving Demski an extension either. Gotta sew these youngins up to longer contracts to take over for the Baggs and Getzlafs.

T-Brack has to be taken off FS moved to LB and we need to get Butler back. Letting Butler go was one of the stupidest moves that management has made.

The only reason I would say Getz is on the bubble is his salary. He has looked good but his salary good? Not sure if its quite there. Yes Dressler's health issues are a bit concerning still can't see any one on the board having the balls to pull that trigger. Tahman would have to be on the first rocket to the moon if he made that move. Think the Rider fans over reacted when Paul missed that field goal? Lol that would look like a Sunday social gathering compared to doing this. Not saying its right or wrong to consider it just saying no one with a will to live in North America would do it. Potentially too many Rider fans would revolt on a scale that would rock the foundation of the team to even entertain the thought.

Getz is finally coming into the role of a go to vet. Remember when Geroy told Willy "Don't worry, I'll carry you.". That is exactly what Getz is doing this year and doing a fantastic job at it. He's carved himself out that leadership role and is running with it.

Don't get me wrong I love Getz and Bagg but it was asked which vets are taking up too much salary by depop. In the best interest of the team these two are possibilities to that end. Not saying I like either to be moved but the reality is they do take up some serious coin.

Signing Ryan Smith and dumping Dressler to Ottawa or BC would be a lot easier to do and accomplish the same goal. No other team is hurting enough for Canadian talent for them to cough up the bucks for Getz.

Dumping Dressler easier to do? Hmm would love to see a poll on how many fans would support that one. I agree Dressler would be easier to move financially and return wise but if as I say a poll was taken on who as a fan would you rather see moved Dressler or Getz I think it would be a fair bet that the fans would have Getz's bags packed long before Dresslers.

I understand the logic and the possible returns that you would get from moving Dressler but with all the turmoil that surrounds this team making a move of Dressler could blow the lid right off the pot. This would be nothing short of coming out and saying they are blowing the team up and starting with the most popular player in the process. Think fans are a tad upset now? Wow this would be just plain ugly on a scale of mass destruction not seen in this province ever.

Trading Dressler would mean a major outrage by the fans, can't see that happening!!

I think they need to decide what type of offense they want to be and tweak their o line accordingly. If they want to be a pass-heavy offense, it seems like their o line can't pass block without either giving up a sack or taking a holding penalty.

Other teams have dumped just as popular players and have survived.

Again I will compare it to the trading of Gretzky by the Oilers. How well has the team done either on the ice or financially? It would be interesting to see after the Riders resigned Dressler how many number 7 Jerseys were sold, it would have been more interesting if he had changed numbers how many of that jersey would have sold.

Yes other teams have survived trading players and I'm not saying the Riders would not survive trading Dressler but the fans are in an extremely foul mood all ready does the team need to pour gasoline onto the flames by making a move like this?
Personally I think it would be a huge pr mistake ranking up there with the Oilers debacle with Wayne. There is a time for everything and this is certainly not the time for this move. It would do far more harm to the team then good at this time.

Give it a year or possibly two and see what way the wind is blowing. If Dressler say becomes injured on a regular basis then his following will decrease with that. Yes he won't be worth as much then either but at least the city of Regina isn't burnt to the ground. All right perhaps a bit over stated but again the back lash from such a move right now would certainly not be pretty to possibly down right ugly.

You sure about that?
He loved Regina and all the hype. He loved the community. He in fact still does charitable matters for the community. Sounds like a guy who might return if made a fair offer to me.

I said the same thing. Love Dressler to death....want to see him play every game in Green...he salary is too high. I could be wrong...I would have to crunch all the numbers on the ledger, but it is definitely a consideration.

Ask the Eskimos fans if they liked the move, ask the Oiler fans if they liked the move. Yes I get the financial facts of savings but there is more to this even financially then the on field product. Endorsements, Sponsorship, merchandise. Trade Dressler and all the fringe benefits go with him. Trade Dressler and perhaps a few thousand fans don't renew season tickets. Trade Dressler and major corporate sponsors could pull the plug. Trade Dressler and see how many walk up tickets are sold for the remainder of the year. It' not like the Riders are in contention for first place and the fans are clamoring to watch them. Take away one of thee most popular players and see how empty the seats are. They will feel more betrayed by the team then when Burris snubbed them to go to Calgary and that wasn't very pretty either if I remember correctly.

The only way to make a deal for Dressler this year is to get him to ask for one. Then he becomes the scapegoat, how fair is that to do to him after all he has done here? Make him the pariah like Burris was. Frankly I can't support that kind of thing and to do that to him is in-conscionable in my books. That is about the only way I can see that it could be done and as a Rider fan I wouldn't want any part of it.