Which veterans are most likely to be released or cut?

So just looking like we are gonna go younger… which vets do u see not making the team this year.

i could see guys like stephenson, oosterhuis,khan,morley,january,donnelly,fritz,charlton,lobendahn,gallant and even cvetkovic getting cut or released in the near future.

i could also see brock ralph being sent packing aswell.

just bored on a day off. lol

it was either this or predicting the records of the teams b4 training camp even begins… but hey


Sask (11-7)
Calgary (10-8)
BC (8-10)
EDM (6-12)


Montreal (12-6)
Wpg (11-6-1)
HAM (9-8-1)

ill change that im sure after i see who actually makes the teams but was bored LOL.

You've got 10 Non Imports being cut LOL ! You won't have enough guys to field a team. Your not going to find a bunch of NI Olinesmen sitting at home or being cut by other teams.

nah just saying wouldnt shock me if some were let go, not all of them obviously.. some tho wouldnt surprise me one bit.

well, im sure the signings arent done yet so when u sign some guys u gotta release some guys..

guess my question would be, who is most likely to be released if we sign some new guys b4 camp begins.

Nine actually. Of the 12 listed, January, Lobendahn and Charlton are all imports.

I think the majority of those named will be on the roster after TC. Stephenson is only 24 so he is the type of younger, cheaper player they want to have on the roster.

Could be some veterans on the bubble, especially at LB. Lobendahn, who can't stay healthy, and Charleton, who is on the back side his career, especially.

O-line we don't really have any veteran starters anymore really. Just a lot of competition for spots.

Same with the d-line, other than Brown, but his passport and play are still valued.

We cut most of the dead wood last year and in the off season, really it's an open competition at most positions from what I see.

Interesting you have BC ahead of Edmonton. How come?

dunno. i like wally buono and hate danny machoka or whatever. just like to see the esks fail miserably :slight_smile:

just a crapshoot in the west imo.

sask should finish first.. SHOULD.

after that.. its anyones guess i think.

Only Vets i can see getting cut/released in reality is Charlton, Gallant and maybe Brock Ralph and that depends if any of the young guys beats them out at training camp.

After saying that i think Charlton and Ralph still have some trade value, Gallant not so much. Other older player's that may not fit the Bomber's plans and still have trade value may be Edwards (highly doubt he'll move) and possibly Reid.

No One can predict the future so i'll keep the roster tha way it stands because even though we are a young team we still need that veteren presence in the locker room and on the field.

No one is going to trade for Charlton or Ralph.

Ralph should be cut, but you don't have enough non-import receiver depth behind him to do it. Hargreaves and Cory Watson just don't have enough experience yet to be reliable starters. But that could change after 2010 if LaPolice gets them into some games, which he should do.


You mentioned 2 reciever's - Hargreaves and Watson, what about Arthur, McHenry and Loannides also expect Mack and LaPo to release an import reciever (maybe 2) as they are in the process of bringing in 1 or 2 more NI reciever's. Hargreaves has been on the field at reciever quite a bit, just has not been thrown to that often but when the ball comes his way he proved he has great hands and strength to out power the smaller DB'S and LB'S. research before posting!!

Those are bodies, but I don't know about depth.

i also think you're out to lunch on your assesment. for 1, u could get something for charlton and ralph.. even a draft pick or 2 would be acceptable.. ralph is canadian and is a starter whether u think so or not so he'd atleast fetch u a 2nd rounder id imagine. charlton would probably get a 4th rounder and thats good enough for me.

Ioannides i think, with an i not an L but... we do have some good depth behind our starting group.

dont be surprised to see hargreaves,arthur and ralph (if not cut or traded) starting this season with watson and one of the young kids also sticking around.

get the feeling we are gonna go with 2 possibly 3 canadian receivers at times this year.

it wouldnt shock me one bit to see a couple receivers or maybe a couple of dlinemen let go aswell, especially if we plan on bringing in a couple more cdn receivers and or a few more db's.

receiver,oline and dline is what we have an abundance of right now pre-camp, we dont have much defensive back depth right now and with hef starting at strong safety on passing plays in detroit, we wont see him back anytime soon.

If you go with 3 Canadian receivers you may not win a game this season.

I'm REALLY beginning to wonder what you smoke before you post...come to think of it, maybe that explains why you can't seem to find your way to the Ticat forum...

Arthur will be a solid player in this league from Game one... you can bank on that

Hargraves is ready to make that jump to starter now... I can see Ralph getting his walking papers this TC

maybe, maybe not... despite being a little inconsistent at times, ralph made some big plays and was a key contributor to the short passing game... his experience is an asset... he will only lose his job if one of the other guys hands down outperforms him.. im sure several teams wouldnt mind having ralphs services

.....I have to agree with you towelie,....Ralph is going to have to be beat-out for the position...Just when you think he's done, he comes up with a nice grab...His ni status is also a plus....AND experience...We'll see how he performs at tc. shortly..I've got a feeling that Ike Charlton may be on the bubble....just my take..

yup because ralph is canadian he will have to be beaten out for sure, he might be. its hard to say. arthur, hargreaves,watson.. if these guys show up with their A-game, brock may be let go. I agree with ike being on the bubble and i think after hearing obby khans interview on h@l last night, i think for some reason, he might be too unless he brings his A-game aswell, LOTS OF competition on the oline, the only gurantee i see on the oline today is brendon labatte. the rest i think, its gonna be who performs best at camp.

Yes, I would like to hear his theory on why 3 NI's can't be used in a 6 receiver set ?

...probably because the Ticats don't do it, so it MUST be doomed to fail...