Which Two Teams Would Make For The Best Grey Cup Final?

While watching the Calgary/Montreal game today you couldn’t help think you were watching the prequel to this year’s Grey Cup. Both teams played hungry and matched each other stride for stride. Either team could have won the game. I think Hamilton and Winnipeg both have a good shot coming to British Columbia for the Grey Cup but I’m wondering which match up would offer the best and most entertaining game.

The Lions would be a good bet given the way they’ve turned their season around. They are poised to take 1st in the West and have a bye into the Western Final. They will meet either Edmonton or Calgary or possibly both if they don’t finish in 1st place. Though they got stomped on by Hamilton last week the Lions can take Hamilton. Hamilton’s QB Glenn can be very good but he can be flat too. I believe the Lions are the better team. A Winnipeg/Lions match up could be very exciting. Both are leading the league in QB sacks. Winnipeg has Pierce who at times has looked sensational but is injury prone. Brink can be a good fill in.

Edmonton’s Ricky Ray has problems going deep these days and is missing his mark more often than not. Calgary’s Burris appears to be on his way to another team but Tate his back up may be just what Calgary needs.

Calvillo is always a smart QB with all sort of things in his little bag of tricks. Should Montreal get in again it will be a chance at a threepeat [3 Grey Cup wins in a row]

Thoughts guys on which two teams would make for the best Grey Cup match up?

I say Montreal and Calgary or Montreal and BC.


I'd prefer to see a BC/TiCat Grey Cup although this is likely less than objective and moreso wishful thinking on my part.

The best matchup may be BC vs Montreal for the big prize.

BC Finally getting revenge over wpg for 88 :rockin:

Hmmm...I see what you mean FBYB. I just looked up the game score and see that the Lions lost that game by a single point. Ouch! I managed to dig up the play that sealed if for Winnipeg on November 27,1988.


BC vs Montreal. 2 reasons why:
1 - both (three if you count the Stallions) of the previous match ups have been great games
2 - we won all of 'em :smiley:

Saskatchewan and Toronto... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

Why not? They're both pretty evenly matched. lol

I think a Lions match up with any of the teams will make for great entertainment should the Lions get in. My preferences would be in this order:

  1. Lions vs Hamilton
  2. Lions vs Winnipeg
  3. Lions vs Montreal

Calgary v. Montreal.

I'd like to see Tate do really really well. Besides, the Stamps are my 2nd favourite team. And I'd like to see Calvillo make one last visit to the big show before he packs it in. (Even if he stays on another year or two, I'm not sure he would be the starter in Mtl. I think its time.)

I agree with Richard. BC-Montreal or Montreal Calgary would be good. I think the CFL would be very happy to see two big markets, the Grey Cup hosts versus the 2 time defending champs play in the big game. So many story lines.

As a lions fan, I'd love it because it would be good karma. We're the last team to win a Grey Cup at home, we did it in a year in which the Canucks lost game 7 of the Stanley Cup and downtown Vancouver became a riot scene, and it was against the Alouette franchise (Baltimore at the time)

BC-Calgary West Final would be great. The two future QBs in the league battling it out..


Hamilton is too inconsistent to make and Montreal would make for a lousy game. Overall, (yes there have been exceptions) they haven't played well against the top teams (6-5 against play teams going into todays game) while Winnipeg, inconsistent as they have been done the stretch come to play when they face the best (8-3 against playoff teams). In the west BC has been the most consistently good team since mid season.

I can't see Hamilton making the Grey Cup. Way too inconsistent. I'm sick and tired of seeing Montreal in the Grey Cup. I'm hoping for a Winnipeg Vs BC Grey Cup.

Either Alberta team vs the Bombers.

Usually the best games for fans to watch tend to be close and high scoring. Perhaps, Calgary and Montrea? But from business point of view, home team BC is best for league to maximize revenue.

Not necessarily, tourists tend to spend more than locals, on merchandise, entertainment etc. The game will be a sell out no matter who is competing. I guess it would depend on the marketting agreements with vendors. There may be more revenue generated by a home team appearance but I don't think the difference would be huge. Although I have attended quite a few Grey Cups, I only remember one with the home team playing and I really don't recall a huge change in the attendance to the parties etc. I know that since it didn't make sense for me to take holidays when I was living there, I did not close down the venues like when I was a tourist.

I want BC vs Winnipeg, it'd be a great game with a close score. Need Winnipeg to win it but I dont think they will.

BC or Edmonton vs montreal.

winnipeg or hamilton in the finals would put me to sleep.

Enjoy the blowout because that's what it will be. This is Montreal's worst team in many years.

Montreal in the Grey Cup this year would put me to sleep and make for a game possibly worse than Saturdays Sask/Ham thriller.

LOL, dcmoses, wasn't that a dreadful game to watch? I was tempted to say that, from an entertainment perspective, it was the worst game I've ever watched, but that wouldn't be accurate. There were two games a couple of seasons back that were in fact worse. .. Winnipeg v. Toronto, offences designed by Bart Andrus and Mike Kelly. . . man were those brutal to watch.

I am in a minority I am sure, but I prefer watching good defence over good offence. High scoring shootouts don't impress me. Last season's opener, that double overtime shootout between Montreal and Saskatchewan, not my cup of tea. Rather, I preferred the low scoring great defence in last year's Cup match.

So, from that perspective, I'd like to see either BC or Edmonton vs. Winnipeg in the Grey Cup, just because those are the three defences I've found to be the most impressive this season.

That's MadJack the CFL fan talking. (MadJack the Als' fan of course wants the Als in the Cup).