Which two teams will meet in the Grey Cup???

It's time to vote CFL Nation.....who do you think will meet in this years Grey Cup and why you think they will meet???
I personally think that this year,for various reasons any matchup is a possibility,as 5 of the teams involved had 10 or more regular season wins and Mtl has the unknown factor of Troy Smith at Q.B. plus one of the toughest D's in the league.
I'm calling for Hamilton in the east(of course,who else :slight_smile: )but with the Stamps losing three starters,and the Riders vying for home field in the Cup,I'm going out on a limb and predicting a Cat-Lion Grey Cup,but that's just how I feel,so vote and comment on your predictions and let's have some fun with this. :thup: :slight_smile: :cowboy:

Who ever wins the East and West finals. :smiley: Not much of a mystery with 2 teams already in the Semi's and a 6 team playoff.

If the Ti-Cats can get past the Al's they have the Are-goners #

LOL!!! So I'm guessing that a Bomber-Eskimo match-up is definetly out of the question this year. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Where is Edmonton & Winnipeg, I think they have a good chance at meeting in one of the hospitality suites and since it doesn't say which year, I think they could meet at the Grey Cup in 2015. :cowboy:

I boldly predict and Alberta/Ontario game this year.


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kasps wrote: Not much of a mystery with 2 teams already in the Semi's and a 6 team playoff.
So it's the Cats agains't the Riders then by default? :wink:

Really...it's the playoffs, anything can happen. Any team has a shot.

I'm hoping for Hamilton vs Calgary, because I want Hamilton in the cup, and I think if Calgary makes it to Regina, it will because they robbed one from Saskachewan. That will make Rider nation more inclined to cheer Hamilton and give them the home field crowd edge.

I see that there's no love for the Al's yet......wheres my buddy HfxTC and his other cronies from Mtl??? :slight_smile: :lol:

I think you might be half right on that. For some reason people like to do the Riders first and then whoever from the west approach. Allow like you said if it is Calgary that might make a difference. As for me if the Riders aren't in it, I cheer for the stripes.
Who I want in the big game would probably be Riders vs Tiger-Cats, who I think it will be is Riders vs Argos (no homer)

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If the Cats aren't in the Cup,I've always cheered for the West,just can't bring myself to cheer for the Al's and especially the Naughts to win a Grey Cup....so if the Cats don't make it this year,it'll be go West go...regardless of who makes it!!!

Here here

  1. Grey Cup in Saskatchewan
  2. Grey Cup won by Saskatchewan over defending champions from the backward city of Rob Ford. :thup:

Rider Pride Nation Wide
Riders Rule
Go Riders Go!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

We may be witnessing history here. Saskatchewan isn't ahead on a poll on cfl.ca. :lol: :lol: They must not be awake yet.

Seriously though, if it is not Saskatchewan that makes it, I think that there is a chance that the home town fans will cheer for the East. Particualarly if the West team is the one that knocks off the Riders. If B.C. were to win Sunday, I think Saskatchewan fans will be a bit more accepting of Calgary, should they represent the West. If Riders win on Sunday and lose the following week, I think that it will be colder than the mercury indicates for Stamps and their fans.

Stamps vs Ti-Cats

not only do I pick ham vs cal, but I believe if the ticats bring their A game then they stand a better that 50% chance of winning.

So it was announced last weekend on TSN that no team finishing 3rd in the East has made it to the Grey Cup final since the current playoff format was adopted 40 years ago...Bye bye Montreal!

That means the next one will be the first doesn't it. Never underestimate a team that oes on a roll to end the season. I am picking Hamilton but when one game takes all, anything could happen.

Wasn't quite sure where you were going Bobo8224 but know what? I agree with you. It may well be a Hamilton/Lions Grey Cup this year and wouldn't that just be awesome! Hamilton can take Montreal and I believe they will. I also believe Hamilton can knock off Toronto….so do not be surprised if Hamilton is in Regina on November 24.

Now, what about the West? The Lions have struggled with both Calgary and SSK but the Lions can beat both of these teams and make it into the Grey Cup. The Lions' acquisition of Logan has made a huge difference for the Lions' running game. Even Harris, the go to guy for runs has ratcheted up his game. It has been lacking all year. Lulay appears to be ready to go and as long as Buck Pierce does not go down with an injury, both of these guys can do some damage.

Calgary will be without the services of two key D men. This bodes well for guys like the Lions' Harris and Logan. However, if the Lions make it to the Western Final and cannot stop Cornish I do not see the Lions in the Grey Cup. The Key for the Lions in the Western Final if the team makes it that far will be to stop Calgary's Cornish and have an O-Line that can give the QBs the protection they need.