Which time do you prefer most for Ticat home games?

Do you have a preference for when Ticat home games are scheduled?

Only day I Don't like is sunday .

Like alot of others I Watch the NFL on Sundays
CFL Should Not Play Games on Sunday.

I like the idea of all teams in the CFL taking a turn now and then at playing games in mid week, hence, I opted for the Thursday evening game.

Being the avid fan that I am, like most of you, I'm sure, I don't like the idea of TSN or CBC putting all our eggs in one basket by playing all games on weekends. It would be
nice to see a game in mid week now and then.

Such a game would have to be an early start to accommodate folks who need to get up the next day for school or work, but its been done successfully in the past, and I, personally miss it.

No doubt about it, the networks call the shots as to when games are played. I just don't like all of their choices.

I , too, VOTED for Thursday ... if only to ILLUSTARTE the same thing rocky said ... that the Schedule should be BALANCED in that each team gets atleast 1 Home, Thursday nighter.

After that though, I PREFER Saturday 7:00 PM starts.


Pre LD- Friday nights, and Saturday or Sunday afternoons therafter.

I hate weeknight games because I have to work and it becomes a struggle for me to get time off to go to a weeknight game. I like Saturday and Sunday games.

Getting to IWS from Mississauga for a weeknight game tends to take a lot longer with the rush hour traffic. This is the only reason I'd choose Saturday night games over Thursday or Friday.

Night games , I'd prefer, particularly on Thursday, Friday or Saturday should have a 7:30 pm start. No earlier than 7:00.

Travelling 2 hours to Hamilton is tough enough on a work day and particularly hitting rush hour trafic on a Thursday or Friday!

I know that there are a lot or reasons for scheduling such as tv coverage, conflicts with other teams using the same field (Jays), other leagues (NFL,Colleges)etc.

I guess I'm "old school" on this one. I like weekday night games before Labour Day and afternoon games ( 1 or 2 pm) after that. I prefer Saturdays, but Sundays are ok but you are going up against the NFL. Something about fall afternoons and football, then hitting a pub for a few cold ones and pub grub after the game for supper.

We've had the best scheduling for years. As Friday, Saturday and the odd Sunday game is EXCELLENT!! But I would prefer more afternoon games on the weekend.

I prefer Saturday night games.

Thursday and Friday night games are hard to schedule, I drive in to the game right from work, my wife has to get the babysitter and get down to the game on the bus so as not to have two cars at the game. Everything is a rush, and if the game is at 7:00 sometimes I waste one of my seasons tickets if my wife can’t get everything organized with the kids in time and ends up not making the game.

Saturday night gives us lots of time to plan things and take our time getting to the game.

I just realized the last game of the season in November is on a Sunday night. Sunday night in November? What were they thinking when they scheduled that? I’ll bet that game has the lowest attendance of the season.

The last game is on Sat - 7pm, not Sunday.

ah, my bad. I thought it said Sunday. Still, I can't remember the last time I saw a game in November at night?

A Sunday afternoon drive to IWS from Toronto suits me fine.

An Argo-Cat fan

What?! You don't prefer to watch the NFL over the CFL do you?

I understand wanting football on Friday or Saturday night, i you want to maximize your football viewing on Sunday, but if the Cats went to Sunday I'd watch them exclusively.

It is nice to sit down on Friday or Saturday night and crack a few though without worrying about what you may be missing.

If was Cats Only I'd Watch Sunday
But why Challage the Larger NFL On Sunday.

If was Cats Only I'd Watch Sunday
But why Challage the Larger NFL On Sunday.
True dat brother. Why compete? It's a lost cause. I do like the idea of a Friday or Saturday night identity. If small town Texans can look forward to "Friday Night Lights", then the CFL can look forward to a weekend night. TSN has done an excellent job of marketing it that way.

Friday & Saturday nights in summer.
Friday nights & Sunday afternoons in fall. Then I can watch college football on Saturdays.

Friday night or Saturday night.

Tuesday mornings.