Which Tiger-Cats team is better?

Clearly, I feel the team the Ticats are fielding is much more improved than last year. On top of that, has loads of potential with young Canadian and American talent. Agree or disagree?

Okay so as it would appear ao far that people feel this team is better why does Marcel get so many negative opinions. Especially, when a rebuilding team is better than what we had last year?

i voted for this year but the 2006 team was more talented but had 2 many me players mainly in the receiving core, this years team playing like a team

If you think the 2006 team was better then you need to kick your crack habit :wink:

and if you think that's what his post said you should try and improve your comprehension skills, or maybe attend a game.

I was joking with him.. notice the wink?

I live in Vancouver so I can only see the Cats play the one game they have here each year.

i like this team.
I think they are young but they do have an upside.
hopefully we can add a few pieces of the puzzle to the roster and the 2008 team will be competitive