Which Ti-Cats had good games?

I'd say, Bradley, Robinson, Bauman and Rodriguez come to mind right away.

Rodriguez made some nice adjustments to a couple of horrible ducks by Williams.

and patrick and his peer group... there was actually a sembvlance of a d line until they got exhausted from all the time on the field
lots of passes knocked down.. they played with heart.

Walker looked pretty good especially it being his first action all year.

I was glad to see JoJo in the lineup tonight and he did what I expected him to do. Bauman caught everything thrown to him, as did Rodriguez. Bradley was a beast and Glasper had some shining moments. Special teams did great containing Trismo. Jesse was coming on, could have used more touches.

Gordon too, had a good game.

The D-Line for the first 3 quarters

Bradley and Gordon, both of them were hitting with obvious extra effort. Really, against what Ricki Ray could have done to us, I'd the whole defense was pretty impressive.

Glasper for sure. His best game as a Cat. Mariuz, Rodriguez, Walker (shudder), Zeke played much better, Lewis looked ok as well (made a very athletic play to rundown Ray)

While I agree with all the names above I also thought Bauman looked like he is fitting in nicely.

Everyone but the oline..

None of the doomsayers have chimed in here yet.


Totally agree (except for the shudder part lol). I think Patrick played well also. The Dline got much more pressure in the first 3 quarters and I'd add Gordon and Bauman as well.

Well, Williams had that one long pass that looked great. However he did have some other passes that were nearly intercepted.

I'll give Williams a :thup: anyway.

To qualify as a doomsayer all you have to do is disagree with Ron. He doesn't want any talk on this forum that is "negative". Posters who deal with reality should get off this forum.
Just ask him.

I haven't seen any replays, but it looked to me like Williams two long passes were both terribly underthrown, and that Rodriguez had to bail him out twice.

You may be right andkon, I haven't seen any replays either. Rodgigues definately brought his A game and he looks very good.

Bradley on defence is a monster, a punishing wrecking ball on defence(Glasper also) and on offence Williams was fun to watch, Lumsdens TD was nice, Rodriguez was impressive.

I made an appeal to YOU

to save your 'Fire Charlie' rhetoric
until at least Labour Day, mr62

because it is a dead end topic and
it drowns out the more hopeful posts.

I told you I had come to understand that

you see things differently than I do,

I illustrated this by way of the following cute story
that many posters here will likely agree is very apt.

I told you that when you were a small child,

if your momma told you to go into a spare bedroom
on Christmas morning to see your present,

and you saw nothing but a pile of manure in there
you would have stamped your feet, cried and wailed,

I would have started throwing it aside
figuring that there must be a pony in it.

That's why I feel a kinship with fans
who look at the progress we have made

and not with the shrinking minority of fans
who want Charlie fired this early in the season.

As Johnny Carson used to say...

Wrong again, Bison Breath.

'May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your nose.

Nice story, Ron. Is Taaffe the pony or the manure?? :wink:

Thats what a good receiver is suppose to do. :thup: