Which thread should I post in?

Oh well....I'll start my own thread all about tonights abysmal game.

I went to tonights game hoping that our team could ride the momentum that they seemed to have been gaining. But a saying comes to mind...Two steps forward....three giant leaps back. I can only think of one bright spot in tonights game...Bauman. Good hands and was open enough to always make the play. But then that's it.

Defense.....just about no pressure on Glenn. Not as many hard hits and loose coverage on the Bomber receivers. Nick Setta's punting looked weak. The team continued it's trend of taking way way too many stupid penalties. TOO MANY MEN ON THE FIELD???? And did anyone keep track of how many illegal procedure calls our offensive line drew? Corey had a severe case of the bobbles.

And finally....Maas. Did he ever throw anything down field? If he did....I've forgotten. I've been content to let him play but with 10 minutes left in the game...even I was begging for Chang. Instead...they completely self destructed and blew the game wideopen for the Bombers.

All in all...it was a humiliating experience being one of only a handful of Ticat supporters surrounded by 29,544 jeering and insulting Bomber fans. Well..not all 29,544 were insulting. But nevertheless...it was an absolute embarassment. Someone please remind me why I root for the Ticats. I seem to have forgotten that too.

that's nothing i was there in t.o for the 48-0 game a fews years ago. i honestly thought it was a good game until the last quarter.

OVER HERE TOO Argoconvert!!

It was good to see Dickerson get the ball a few times as well. He's quite a load when he gets a head of steam going. VERY good hands for a TE - and he has a HUGE smile on his face whenever he steamrolls a LB...

Wallace nailedit

Yeah, he did. He's blaming the team instead of one player.

Actually he is blaming the QB not defending him. Maas is stil the difference maker

I, also, couldn’t figure out which thread to post in so here’s what I think having slept (badly) it.

Those fans who think it’s time to throw in the towel on this season are getting ahead of themselves, although a loss to Winnipeg next week would mark the end of the play-off hopes for this year. It was a very close contest until late in the game, as was the BC game. Rather than boycotting on Friday, the fans should turn out en-Masse. Experiences tells me that it’s unusual for any team to win home-and-home series, especially when the second game is an away-game. 

Certainly, the worst thing to do at this point would be to make further personel changes. Receivers and backfield looked good, we’re getting some consistency amongst the defensive backs. “Foolish penalties? (roughing, offsides) were committed this time by different players, newer starters, than in weeks past. Taffe has had to discipline different guys. And, the team has been getting better, week by week. They’re due to win! (actually I thought they were due to win last night...)

As for the quarterback question, Perhaps Chang should be sent in with a specific set of plays to be used if the team gets into three-and-out situations as happened in last night’s game. I am in agreement with the comment from another strand that it’s disturbing to see Masse getting upset and frustrated, then force the play. Sure, it’s good to be competitive and demanding of yourself, but really... I can’t imagine what anyone (i.e. coaches, other players) can do to address this counterproductive mindset.

My thoughts exactly. Well almost exactly, I suggested a series by series platoon but I think we just need a structured approach to getting Chang into the game without necessarily compromising whatever mid-field cohesiveness we're seeing between Maas and his recievers.

If Chang in his time in the game proves apt, and more importantly, demonstrates the ability to produce majors in the red zone, then we make the move to replace the starter.

I watched Glenn's performance last night and compared it to Maas....and despaired. Its the same situation with every other QB in the league. Maas is not even third string QB material. The teams (ours and theirs)know it.
Adios to the 2007 season.

Actually…no. I’m pointing out the shortcomings that I could see from all the players on the field. And I might even add the coaching staff, for failing to pull Maas when he lost his composure and took that unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The game was quickly getting out of hand, Maas had lost his cool and was becoming more ineffective. Therefore, what the heck…throw Chang in for some reps.