Which Television Broadcast is Better?

I Can't Stand That Stupid Score Band That Takes Up The Entire Top Of The Screen.
very with you on that point.

on another note, Darren Flutie is just fine, thank you very much. Some of you people are just too damn critical. I doubt very many, if any, of the posters who are most critical of any of the crews could do remotely as well.

Don't give me the "If critisize then why don't you try & do it better" talk...

If you see two people ply a trade or perform a task & person 1 is better than person 2.. you can make that observation quite rationally. When it comes to a product, one that is sold to advertisers & viewers alike, the customer has every right to compare & critique different products. The same goes for a television sports production.

I can accept your opinion of Flutie as a colour guy... but I'll criticize CBC until they show they can produce a football telecast on par with the industry standard. [/b]

Its one thing to say you think one person is better than the other. Its totally different to speak in completely derogatory terms about someone who is just doing their job the best way they can, even if you can do better, let alone when most cant.

CBC is wayyy better. Glenn Suitor & company's knowledge of the game doesn't even come close to Darren Flutie.

TSN's crew are Gods when compared to CBC's. I can stand Flutie and Frers. The others are pathetic.

I will always remember Steve Armitage's brilliant question to Jason Clermont, when he was named most outstanding Canadian in the 2004 Grey Cup loss: «Jason, how much of a dream was it for you to play in the Grey Cup game?»...

Yo ! Stupid ! He just lost the game. You could clearly see that was a question Armitage thought of before the game even started and didn't bother putting it differently when Clermont was already trying not to cry.

«A dream? said Clermont. It looks more like a nightmare to me. I never dreamt of losing. Especially not the Grey Cup game.»

There ya go, lazy interviewer.

For commentators, its TSN. Cuthbert and SUitor are the best.


Cameras, its CBC. Here is why. TSN seems to focus on the reaction of the coaches or players after a play. Unless its contraversial or a scoring play, they hardly show replays. CBC will show 3-4 more replays and angles than TSN.

My vote...CBC Cameramen / Tech directors & TSN Play-by-play / colour.

The score band across the top of the screen (or bottom, how ABC and NBC do it) is because of HD. The old score "bug" in the corner ends up being in the middle of nowhere and looking stupid when you're watching a widescreen picture. The band does stretch further across the screen, but it's much narrower and takes up less "useful" real estate.

And ESPN owns only 20% (maybe less) of TSN. TSN showed ESPN programming long before ESPN bought in, and they show programming from all networks. Just like any other Canadian network that buys Canadian shows. Sportsnet and the Score also shows ESPN programming. It has nothing to do with ESPN being part-owner. (Although changing Sportsdesk to Sportscentre probably is related.)

CBC tech directors? I have never seen a network who so often fails to comes back to the game before the play is running, or worse, before they play is done.

How often do you come back from the commercial break to see the game already resumed? Or how about when they show their in-house tables and leave them on the screen while you hear the game is going on in the background?

There's a reason why they show so many replays. That's because they fail to show you the live play so often.

Actually T I do believe the ref is supposed to wait for the commercial to be over!(I could be wrong however) How many times have you seen everyone just standing around doing nothing and then the ref blows the whistle to restart the game.......commercial is over!

One thing I hate about TSN is often they will not shut up when a penalty is being announced..... They have 2 choices
1)yap away but show the ref so we can see his signals for the penalty.
2)Show the coaches on the bench but shut-up so we can hear the ref announce the penalty.
They choose to show the bench and yap so when the camera cuts back to the game the ball has marched 10yards one way or the other and we don't know why!

You have a point there Third, CBC have been slow returning back to live action. I still think TSN needs more replays, there have been a few times I've wanted to see a play but they never show it.

Thats the beauty of a PVR!!!!!! 8)

Totally agree with that point. CBC will miss entire plays while they're replaying one that they didn't get all of earlier.. it destroys the flow of the game.

ya ever notice how much quicker the american networks are at showing crucial replays during NFL games?

TSN beats CBC by miles.

The pre-game/halftime analysts do such a good job. . . the CBC guys annoy me, and just don't do the same quality of work.

And if you have Chris Cuthbert announcing, it doesn't matter who the other guys is. Cuthbert is great.