Which Television Broadcast is Better?

I like TSN. It just seems all around better. I dont really like that Leif Patterson guy though. CBC its like thier all rookies or replacement guys. I dont know his name but the guy doin the rider hamiliton game doesnt even know half the players.

TSN has a better pre game , and now they have BRIAN WILLIAMS!

But the CBC does a great GREY CUP.

"Jason Ranek has the ball." That was a good one. But everyone makes mistakes.

The camera guys for CBC are drunk tonight. They can't focus the camers.

That’s true.

I would love to see broadcasts of CTV, imagine how many people would watch that!

It would attract new groups of people to the league!

Unfortunately CTV is way too cheap. Their only original programming is essentially the news.

Maybe they should collaborate with TSN or something.

They do at times. CTV shows many CFL high lights now and CTV shows ads for CFL games on TSN on there sports shows. If CTV were smart they would see the light and add CFL games with it's huge popularity. :thup:

TSN and CTV are owned by the same Vancouver based , company! :thup:

I have no problem with either. I just watch the game. I dont care who is talking or what they are saying during the game. It just doesnt matter.

cbc won't exist in a few years thankfully. what a horrible game last night. darren flutie and greg frers are the only two work keeping from the entire crew. khari's no better as an announcer than a player. was that mark ley last night? he's terrible. poor camera work - how many plays were missed
when ctv/tsn gets hnic, hopefully they close the cbc down, and spend those tax dollars elsewhere

My vote's with TSN; the chemistry between Climie, Dunigan, Schultz, and Randorf beats anything on CBC.

CBC: Walby is, well, Walby. Darren Flutie drives me nuts always referring to every player by his first name, as if all the players in the CFL are personal friends of his. Mark Lee over-uses the phrase "up the gut" for runs up the middle (once a game would be okay, but geez, every series?).

And last night Lee drove me to distraction by continually pointing out that this was Rocky Butler's first start in several years. Memo to Lee........it WASN'T. Butler didn't start. Crandell did, and Butler came in when Crandell got injured. Didn't you see that part?

That question is a bit oxymoronic. It's like, which is better, herpes or adult acne?? :wink:

And THAT my friends is what it's all about!!!! Couldn't have said it better myself.

Finally someone who just watches the game.

Watching the game is first and foremost, but a good commentator can add to your viewing experience. I always thought that Buck Martinez was the best analyst in sports when he did the Blue Jay games on TSN. The CBC and TSN both need to find better game analysts, not just someone who is anal... :lol:

I agree....

Both Broadcasts suck and the camera work is shady.

The analysts are Brutal... Cuthbert, Suitor, Pederson, And Black all talk WAYYY to much they never shut up for like 2 seconds it becomes annoying. Not to mention Cuthberts voice is soooo annoying and he doesnt know jack about football same goes for the curling expert Rod Black...

CBC has (Edit)Steve ARMITAGE doing games!!! he does (edit) Olympic rowing and canoeing announcing. Armitage is an annoying (edit). That other guy is annoying to, I just cant stand football analysts/commentators whether it be CFL or NFL...

Bell GlobeMedia HQ is located in Toronto, not Vancouver.

I hate to break this to you,but TSN is an offshoot of ESPN(its why the news portion is called Sportscentre and they have a variety of ESPN shows on the network), which is owned by ABC, which is run by Disney.

CTV also owns part of tsn.

CBC brings a better telecast to the table, ya the peaple over at TSN are decent, only because Cutberth made the switch..On any given wknd CBC rules over TSN...Go Bombers n the CBC..

My vote goes to TSN, mainly b/c i can't stand Chris Walby.

I Much Prefer CBC, Simply Because I Can't Stand That Stupid Score Band That Takes Up The Entire Top Of The Screen. Mind You TSN's Varition On It Is Much Better Then The US Networks (Which Looks Like A Weather Alert Warning) But It's Still Horrible. The Commentary Is Much Better On TSN But Not Good Enough To Swing My Vote.

I whole-heartedly beleive that TSN produces by far, a superior broadcast. I too, cannot wait for CBC Sports to call it a day... They've lost the Olympics, soon to be HNIC with the $14 billion - 10 year offer CTV/TSN is going to table, & hopefully the CFL will land on both TSN & CTV.

Chris Cuthbert is a football fan. He's been quoted as saying hockey & football are his two greatest passions. He doesn't screw up with names, play calls or penalty assessments like the rest of the play-by-play men from either network.

CBC's broadcast is sub-par consisting of people who either have either only a in-depth broadcasting background or football background not both. Other than Eric Tillman & possibly Elliot Friedman, no other on on-screen talent possesses both television & football savy.

The graphics & displays are antiquated. If they can't draw the first down line properly without it bouncing all over the screen & just being an annoyance, don't show it at all. The camera men are drunk on play action considerably more so than the occaisional loss of the play on TSN. Whoever directs the CFL on CBC consistently misses plays by either calling the 'red on-field TV timeout' dude in too early or running the commercials too long. Plays are missed from showing the wrong perspectives or displaying statitical graphics while the play is in progress...

The segments are goofy! The colour commentator's "Game Notes" are never relavent. The song title parodies aren't funny & don't even make sense.

The play-by-play staff lacks depth & doesn't seem to even understand football. The colour guys, Walby & Flutie specifically sound terrible on TV. Walby has even called a referee's decision "horsecrap" on the play before replays showing the official to be correct.

TSN's pregame blows CBC's out of the water. The entire production is concise, clean cut, fresh & delivers the relavent stories of the game.

TSN's pitfals include Glen Suitor & his "Oh Baby" right in the middle of the play by play man's call. After Cuthbert, I don't find any of the other play by play staff very captivating although they don't make the rediculous wrong calls that the CBC guys do...

CBC stinks...