Which teams will miss the playoffs?

Who do you think is going to miss the playoffs this year? I think it will be Hamilton and Toronto, but the only team that I would say has no chance is Toronto.

Riders and Toronto.

Ticats and Toronto.

And I'll be watching to see if anyone doesn't pick Toronto. That'll either be genius or insanity. Or both. :stuck_out_tongue:

toronto and toronto and toronto and toronto

although I am not so sure about the one toronto

Looking like TO and Hamilton or Calgary. Calgary is over rated.

LOL ! Toronto and Saskatchewan

Toronto and Saskatchewan. League parity is going hurt chances for western crossover.

I say Saskatchewan and Toronto. The Riders won't miss by much though. Maybe a game back or tied with Hamilton.

Winnipeg and TO.

I can't see Hamilton missing the playoffs. The Ti-Cats are a better team than the Lions and Riders, even if they don't show that every week. I think it'll be Toronto and Sask.


This. I can see many other teams changing position but these are the only two I feel totally confident in their early end to their season.

Toronto is clearly not as good as the other 3 eastern teams.

Saskatchewan is stuck behind three teams that will at least play .500 football and with six of seven games remaining against their division would need to run the guntlet, just too much parity in the West for that to happen.

winnipeg pretty much clinched a playoff spot after the win this afternoon

Just by the very fact that Sask is currently last (TO aside), statistically speaking, they are least likely to make the playoffs. However, if they win both games against any one of the division rivals and that team happens to go slide and maintains a 500 record for all the other games, they have a shot. More likely against BC given that they are only 1 game up on Sask, but Edm or Cal is conceivable - not necessarily probable, but conceivable. I predict that they will win both games against at least one of the div rivals and overtake that rival by the end of the season - just not sure which one it will be :slight_smile:

Not really. The Lions have turned into a very dangerous team, and the Riders aren't handicapped by Doug Berry anymore. The Ticats are pretty much what they've been for the past few years.

............. :expressionless:


In order for Winnipeg to not make the playoffs, they baically need to lose every game for the rest of the season. BC then has to win four of their remaining games, AND Saskatchewan has to win five. BC and Saskatchewan actually play each other twice more this year, so split those and Saskatchewan can only lose one other game (and BC two).

Oh, and Winnipeg has Toronto at least once more.

If you folks picking them to miss the playoffs care to make a wager, I'll be all over that. Easy money. :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy:

Hamilton aint looking too good. Glen seems to be struggling. Just not sure who all Hamilton has to play. I know we have one game against them. Wish it were two games.