Which teams will be affected the most with the new cap?

Actually, the Eskimos (as a community owned team) have been on record as being strong supporters of Tom Wright, and his proposed salary cap. It was Toronto, Montreal and BC that forced Wright out, and have never agreed to the proposed cap. These are documented facts, unlike the ignorant garbage you spew out, after pulling it out of your a.ss. The Eskimos have won as many Grey Cups as they have, as the result of being a very well run organization over the past several decades. Until Ricky Ray was signed for $400K per year, Terry Vaughn had been the highest paid Eskimo in history, at $200K per year. What the Eskimos DON'T do, is hire guys like Doug Flutie (cough... Calgary, BC, Toronto... cough) to $1,000,000 annual "personal services" contracts, that are paid directly out of the pocket of the wealthy private owners of these clubs, and are therefore not officially recorded on the books. Oh yeah, Raghib Ismail's "personal services" contract with Toronto comes to mind as well.

If it was up to the Eskimos, Riders and Bombers, there would be a strictly enforced salary cap already. It is mainly BC, Toronto and Montreal that are blocking it. Get your facts straight.

at least we have grey cups to show for it, personal services contracts are signing bonuses and cant ocutn against the cap,without Toronto the CFL would be nothing, BOW down to your masters!!!!!

The Argos are the kings of CFL, most Grey Cups, best fans, sexy cheerleaders, stop being a hater.

So, after claiming that the Eskimos "ruined the CFL by overspending and not allowing a balanced playing field", you now admit that it is Toronto that is ruining the CFL by cheating the cap. Wow, you are really bright, aren't you?

PS, congrats on your 10 amateur rugby Grey Cups, won before there was even professional football in Canada, and 5 CFL Grey Cups. I guess Edmonton will have to settle for its paltry 13 CFL Grey Cups. At least we didn't win them by cheating with million dollar under the table deals to get players to play for us. You know the Eskimos are the class of the league. Stop being a hater.

PPS, personal services contracts WILL count against the proposed salary cap for next year, which is one of the main reasons that Toronto's wealthy private owners are against it. Take away their power to cheat, and they know they won't stand a chance.

IF the Argo-nots are the Kings of the CFL, how come they are not playing in the game on Sunday?

cuz they didnt pay off the refs like BC and MTL, say what?

Im still waiting for a responce to my 5 points iceman

A conspiracy theorist eh? Now whoever wins tomorrow it will be that team that paid off the officials? :roll: You are really boring me with this pathetic thoery-especially if you have no proof. I , for one, would like to see some concrete evidence that they were bought off. How about bank accounts or cancelled cheques? You are just spitballing cause the Argos lost , iceman. I have 3 wordS for you my friend:

GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!]

Someone should take that larrysmith fellow and the iceman, put them in a room together and weld the doors shut! :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean larrysmiles.

how much did geroy pay for that mop trophy?

About the same amount the Damon paid to get it last year...

Don’t forget the racism of the referees, iceman. Toronto’s rediculous, offensive, sore loser conspiracy theories are not complete without mentioning that the CFL refs have decided behind closed doors that a team with a black head coach cannot win the Grey Cup. I wonder why no rider players have noticed this blatant racism against their head coach? Perhaps they are just not idiots.

Ah yes, the racism of the referees. Gee, all this time I thought the Riders lost because they failed to show up for the Western final, and the Lions were the better team. So much for that theory. If the conspiracy holds, the team with the white QB will win tomorrow,eh, iceman? So BC should win the Grey Cup because the officials will be favouring him and not Anthony Calvillo. No need to play the game! :roll:

he paid with the A$$e$ of the CFL secondary

for anyone wondering it was reported this year that bc had the lowest payroll so they will be alright thank you very much

BC is pretty smart with the money, they have one guy doing the dual roles of gm/coach and save money that way, plus they play in a dome and are the main tenant so they save money on rent and maitenance of the field.