Which teams will be affected the most with the new cap?

I've heard of the new salary cap and how alot of older star players will be cap casualties.

Some of the big names that might become victims of the new system include this weekend's participants Dave Dickenson and Ben Cahoon. BC will be ok with Buck Pierce if Dave does move on...But if Ben leaves the Als, Calvillo will be without his security blanket.

What other teams will lose their big star players once this cap comes into effect? And how badly will it affect their team?

I think that many players won't have a choice but to take a pay cut. Not many players making 6 digit salaries (except maybe a QB)will be easily be able to find a home somewhere else.

edmonton, b.c. and toronto will suffer, the argos especially. This will be a good thing for the argos, because they wont spend foolish money on guys like ricky williams, john avery, keith stokes, andre rison, eric crouch, etc. The Argos should build around younger players like jeff johnson and byron parker, and clear cap space to sign Casey Printers.

Why would Edmonton suffer? If the cap is enforced the community owned teams(Edmonton, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan) will be the greatest beneficiaries because it will force the rest of the league to play by the same rules. Then you won't have teams like Toronto who don't have any recruitment program simply raiding players from teams that build from the bottom up.

Say what you want about Edmonton but the entire league has benefitted from the Eskimos recruitment programs.

You do realise that SSk has the third highest payroll. The cap will force them to follow the rules…Edmonton is towards the top of the list as well, if I remember correctly

There exists speculation that this SMS is bogus because the cap itself is high enough that community owned clubs still won't be able to compete.

hey icedud in case you didnt know Sask is a higher payroll team then the eskies..so i dunno how were gonna suffer

Edmonton will suffer quite a bit.. if you think about it.

they already have Ray at 450,000 a year..

and Davis doesn't want to take a pay cut, which may force him out.

Guys like Hervey and Mitchell.. and some defensive stars like Gass..

they will need to rebuild their team by spending a lot less money!

edmonton is a bunch of cheats, you dont get to play in so many greycup games without bending/breaking the rules. The eskies misssing the playoffs was a perfect situation. The funny thing is, they made maccocia he GM so he can screw up even more this year. And their former GM chris jones did his scouting and the dude didnt even live edmonton, he lived in the states, so how can anybody make him accountable? The eskies probably spent 8 million on the payroll to win the greycup, its pretty sad when you have to cheat to win the grey cup, especially with that under the table trade for troy davis and dan comiskey. I hope those cheats in edmonton love their tainted greycup.

as for ssk, they are a hopeless, they spent so much on the payroll and havent hosted a playoff game at home or havent been to the greycup for like 10 seasons, that franchise is a joke.

The CFL needs a hardcore cap like the NHL, its simple, match league revenue with salaries and you got a Hard Salary Cap. Also the CFL should relax the import rules to allow teams to keep more import players. The Next CFL Commissioner should be Warren Moon, because he understands the game, has good knowlwedge of how to make the game popular in the U.S., he works in Television and udnerstands how to generate good TV ratings, and nobody in the CFL has no grudges against him, because he is a nice guy.

shut it Iceman.. you need to go back in the deep freeze.

Isn't ironic that you guys allowed mccallum to leave and now he has a chance to win a grey cup, while you guys are stuck with porcupine-hair Tillman.

Until you have proof, iceman, perhaps it's better to stick with the assumption that Edmonton are not, in fact, a bunch of cheats. Perhaps one of the reasons they've been at the Grey Cup so often is due to the fact that they are a talented organization?

.....and what does McCallum leaving Saskatchewan last season have to do with Tillman being our GM now?

no kidding.. McCallum left because he wanted to have a fresh start.. 2004 was a disaster and he wanted to get away from all the BS. I don't blame him.

Andre Rison is still in TO?

andre is long gone, but he was a bust, waste of time nad money, and got a grey cup ring for doing nothing.

Since all financial information isn't available to the public, we cannot be certain how teams may be affected. One guess is that a salary cap is more likely to harm high cost low revenue teams lacking flexibility to adapt.

cflisbest....you had a higher payroll then us..so how can we be in financial trouble..and your not.?

For anyone wondering abotut the Esks and their payroll:
The Eskimos had a "middle of the pack" payroll for this season according to some articles I've read a few months back(remember they lost Maas, Morris, Beaton, Lefsrud, Montford and a few other vet salaries from last year where they reportedly had a payroll of 4.2 million). Many cheap newcomers/rookies were in the Esks roster this past season. Apparantely Cahoon is looking for a big salary for next season, and montreal may not be able to keep him under the cap. Reports from the Edmonton Journal say that he is interested in heading to either Calgary or Edmonton if Montreal doesn't work out. Troy Davis wants a raise with the Esks and they seem unwilling to do so. I wouldn't mind dumping Davis for next season and going with McClendon. He's cheap and proven he can have some big games if given the carries this season.

I've also heard that BC, Toronto, Montreal and Saskatchewan had the larger payrolls this year. Expect to see Cahoon, or Dickenson end up somewhere else, unless other changes are made on bc/mon.

everybody knows edmonton is the evil empire of the CFL, for many years they went over the cap with that darth wader wannabe hugh campbell in charge and bossing around the CFL BOGs and not allowing the CFL to get a legit commish with clout. The Eskimos ruined the CFL by overspending and not allowing a balanced playing field.

Doesn’t change the fact that as of TODAY, saskatchewan’s payroll is higher than Edmonton’s. I know how much you hate to focus on the past, cflisthebest, so it’s best to focus on the facts as of TODAY. Most, if not all teams, are over next years set cap of $4.05 Million, so it stands to reason that most, if not all teams, will have to make sacrifices next year, IF the salary cap is enforced. It’s all just a matter of degree. And considering all the free agents the riders will have this off season, plus the fact that they have openly admitted to being second in payroll this year, slightly behind only Toronto, I would think they will suffer more than most.

The big IF, is whether or not the cap is enforced. Who the league hires to replace the commissioner will play a huge role in if there are actual penalties inflicted on teams that go over the cap.