Which teams should permanently change there uniforms retro?

So I saw this topic on the Montreal fourm asking if the Als should change there Uniforms back to there 70's look. I voted yes, so that got me thinking, which other teams in the CFL should change there jersey's to not just the 70's but any one of there former retro jerseys as there main Home and Away uni's?

Personally I think the Riders should go back to there "safeway" uniforms (the one they wore for Labour Day classic and West final.) I also think the Als, Bombers, and Esks should change, maybe the Stamps but I haven't really liked there past couple of retro jerseys.

I've liked every Als uniform - yes, even the green, red, and white (with scripted "a" helmets) in the early 70s - EXCEPT those atrocious black/blue home alternates they've worn the past few years. The 2009 red and white with 'winged' helmets worked for me, and I especially liked 2010's red, bue, and white 70's revival.

Yes, to the Riders' "Safeway" look. Clean and distinctive. Just green and white with sharp striping on the sleeves. Wear those from now on and ditch everything else. :thup:

The "Night and Day Improvement" Award goes to the Bombers' 70s/80s throwbacks that they wore last year. Lighter blue makes a world of difference.

Can't get used to the Esks in gold though. Not when they won all those Cups in the uniforms we've come to know and love (hate?).....Calgary has the best helmets in the league IMO, but needs to stick to red and white, forget the obligatory black (and in the case of retros, gold).....Toronto needed more Cambridge blue (striping) in their throwbacks last year. Big mistake....Yes! to the Ti-Cats retros.

Finally, BC's 2010 retros were from 1976-77. They featured black numbers and helmet with a snarling Lions head logo. Big improvement. :thup: The more black the better. They look like creamsicles in orange and white.

I don't think any of the teams should change to a retro jersey. The uniforms they wear should define where the franchise is at, not where it was at one point. It's nice to honour history, but when you do it too much, it becomes an overused fad. That, and it's nice to see something new with some creativity, not something we have already seen a bunch.

With that being said, I personally don't mind it if uniforms are based on past jerseys (ie. Lions current jerseys being based on 1980s uniforms). Like rhymes with orange, I really like the Lions jerseys from last year, just as long as the design is based on the 1970s design and not a carbon copy. The Lions are the black and orange, not orange and white.

I would go with ottawa

I really liked the Toronto retro last year I'm not a fan of the light blue scheme, the dark blue was way more appealing to me, still I love the 70's Als uniform and think that one would be nice to see around again.

Actually they did not have ANY Cambridge blue on their so-called 1970s throwback jersey, which "threw back" to uniforms the team never wore in any era, much less the 1970s. It was utterly ridiculous that the Double Blue became the Single Blue (except for a small pant stripe). Hope we never see those ever again.

Riders should go back to those dumb red unis. :twisted:

Here are all the helmets:


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I'm going with the BC Paw Print design. Although any of the black helmet designs (with the exception of the Michigan Wing) are better than what they have now, in my opinion.

The Argos have some cool ones, and I prefer the blue for Winnipeg. Everyone else should stick with what they have now; for it is the best in their teams history.

I would like to see the Als do a Concordes throwback for kicks and giggles. The winged helmet looks cool as bloody bull horns, but kinda weak as bird wings; it is still my favorite of their retros. Their new logo is really sweet, in my opinion, the way the bird is part of the A.

I am the only person in North America that liked the Red and Black Saskatchewan Uniforms.

Most of the Ottawa Uni's were cool, except the flaming letters and the gold helmets.

Best CFL helmets all time: Birmingham Barracudas. :rockin: :twisted: :cowboy: